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The Role of Video Marketing in Ecommerce

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With the ease that technology has created for us, everything has come to our fingertips. Yet, there remain some challenges. Getting the attention of customers has become a huge challenge in today’s world. Companies are working frantically to advertise their products to the target audience in several ways using several different strategies, out of which an important strategy is Video Marketing. Video marketing has drastically changed E-commerce and has transformed a failed business into an overnight success. This is because of the communication that it has created between the user and the e-commerce store. 

Description of Video Marketing:
Video marketing as discussed above is a strategy; it is another way of promoting your online brand. It provides necessary information to shoppers about the products and services you offer while creating trust, generating more leads, and ranking the website at the top of the search engines. 

The following benefits show how important video marketing is in E-commerce. 

Attracting more customers and enhancing SEO strategy:
Videos have a tactic of attracting more customers. A study shows that people tend to stay on a website for a longer period, approximately 88% additional time on a website that has videos. For our website to rank better and produce more leads the website must draw in more customers, this is where video marketing comes in as it can enhance, maximize, and overall improve the SEO strategy of a certain website. In addition to this, the videos in the website when viewed by the visitor indicate to the search engine that information desired by the visitor is being reached to the visitor which aids in ranking the website at a better position than before. Furthermore, By adding more keywords to the page, the video metadata enhances its relevance to the search query, which is further confirmed by Google. A website that has videos incorporated has an overall chance of around 53% to appear on the first page of search engines. 

Enhanced method of generating leads through social media:
You might think that the scope of video in getting more clients is limited to websites only but to tell you the truth videos play an important role at every stage of the purchasing process of a customer. More than half of the visitors on a website are introduced to the brand through a video that is posted by the brand for marketing purposes on Instagram or similar social media platforms. Compared to pictures with loads of information that most people tend to ignore, videos are easier to watch and understand. In a nutshell, video marketing is an extremely effective way to get leads.

User Experience:
Every business has a unique perspective but they are on the same page on one primary goal: that is for their business to flourish no matter what it takes. That is why e-commerce businesses employ new tools, techniques, and programs that have been designed to ensure seamless interaction between the user and website and additionally to promote higher sales. It’s crucial for online businesses in particular that customers can get a clear sense of what they’re purchasing. 

Adding video on an e-commerce website creates an entirely internet shopping encounter, by successfully targeting the customers to purchase from them. 

The advantages that video marketing provides to your e-commerce business are remarkable. Incorporating a high-quality video that is cheaper and easier than ever before in your website builds the trust of a user. 55% of shoppers are more likely to watch a video before making a purchase. Additionally, videos strive to fortify loyalty among customers while offering an impression of familiarity with brands.

Video piques a customer’s curiosity and enhances their motivation to proceed with purchase while enabling a business to show its professionalism and transparency. A company’s capacity to project authority will make it less necessary for users to look for resources to support its standing.

Following is the information on some of the world’s winning videos that drew the attention of people from high-end brands.

  • Sephora: Sephora’s stop motion video drew the attention of thousands of people over Instagram in 2021. This video included a tutorial to achieve a flawless look that too sitting at your home. The ultimate goal of Sephora was to connect with viewers while promoting their products and motivating the viewers to purchase them. Although this video was posted three years ago during the pandemic, it still can be viewed today by businesses to take lessons from it and incorporate it into their Video Marketing strategies.
  • Amazon Echo: The video showed clearly what a fifth-generation Amazon Echo model on an international scale is. With its striking utility display and smooth integration into users’ hectic lives,it successfully conveys the value of Echo. Furthermore, Amazon takes an approach that no one else has ever taken and shows the price of Echo in the video. This is a strategy that is left and not considered much by an E-commerce business.
  • Raspberry Pi: The build of trust between an E-commerce business and a shopper is extremely important. It should not be ignored at any cost. Understanding the audience is the key. The video made by this company shares a personal story of the founder and his inspiration behind the company. Furthermore, he resonates with the audience by interacting with those who are interested in the same area or domain. The heartbreaking but uplifting video shows the importance of technology and how it is evolving and emerging with time.

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