Video is the # 1 form of media used in content strategy today

Video Marketing

By the end of 2020, 80% of USA web traffic will be video related. Video content is 50 times more likely to drive organic search results than text. If you have a video thumbnail in your search results, your search traffic will double. Emails that contain videos have 96% higher click through rates.

There are many types of videos that float on the web. Digaptics video team got you covered with whatever type of video you’re looking for. We are a full service video production agency. Because we are also a digital marketing agency, the videos we create are not only made with mind set to inform but also to convert

What We Offer

Screen Cast Explainer Videos-

90% of consumers rather watch than read about a company or a process.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Advantage of being cost effective and easily modified when needed

2D Animation Videos

One of the best explainer videos right under the 3D animation. Every Business should have at least one 2D video

Spokesperson & Vlogs Videos

Excellent and Economical way to grab attention of consumers and visitors on your website.

Motion Graphic Videos

motion to graphics, professionals burning the mid night oil

Typography Videos

Words come to life. Editable and excellent for logo introduction.

You have a vision,

We have a team!

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Why DigAptics ?

We have exclusive technology that makes good quality and fast videos
Custom Strategy– One size does not fits all in digital marketing. You will not find a cookie cutter solution at DigAptics. What you will find is a team with knowledge and experience to provide custom solutions that will power your digital marketing success
Remarkable execution– Our Video marketing gets 67% more qualified annual leads. DigAptics team of professionals utilize latest innovative technologies to implement your goals and digital marketing strategies in a transparent and quantifiable manner. We don’t just set goals, we provide their end results.
Time tested track record– Video marketing efforts have achieved a 55% increase in brand awareness for our clients
Clients that used our video content services reported revenue growth 51% more than those who didn’t.
Its about you– Our innovative, industry targeted solutions are customized to address your unique needs and demands. And how do we know what you need? Simple: we listen

Our Work Process

Pick up the solution
you need…

Let’s talk and discuss
your goals
Choose terms, timelines,
and make payment

We go to work

The Process: What to expect?

Video and Scrpit Writting
Voice Over
Publishing Video Project

We are an Omni channel platform for everything business, from business development & business operations to business marketing. All that is essential for a healthy and successful business are handled by our experts in their respective departments. When you hire DigAptics, you hire an entire team of people, each from our various departments who huddle and discuss projects and manage them throughout the life cycle of the project so that the delivery is based on your vision, goals, specifications but also is primed with innovation, market research, evidence based decisions and transparency. We believe that satisfaction demands regular updates, reports, open communication, upfront pricing, and no long term contracts.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Video that we have created.

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What our Clients Say…

CTO Orbitus Connect

“DigAptics did everything they said they would and did it on time! The whole process was very easy”

CEOOrbitus Solutions

“DigAptics has been a great partner to us. Its world class talent, sound knowledge of our industry and robust project management has all been valuable assets to our growth. We see this relationship grow in years to come”


“We couldn’t be more pleased with DigAptics as an outsourced technical resource for our intranet platform” ”


“5 stars is earned and trust is built over time. Over 3 years period, the leaders at DigAptics have worked with us in various capacity, personally and as a company to help us grow and create products. We are very grateful.”