Innovation in Digital Marketing fused with data centric approach paves the road for an empowered consumer and higher ROI (Return on Investment)

Brands are discovered and recognized based on opinions across multiple channels. Integrated and data-centric approach to digital marketing is key to standing out.


Increase your ROI with a customized SEO campaign


DigAptics takes care of all the social media platforms


DigAptics offers Email marketing strategies for higher CTR


Your words hold weight and meaning


Increase conversion rates at minimal costs


DigAptics video are an investment you can't afford to miss


Micro approach to Online reputation


The most important thing for a company is Brand Identity


Integrate influencer marketing to increase trust over your brand


Coupon marketing increases your consumer interests and increases sales

Local Business Listing

Careful & customized business listings on various platforms are an essential cog of a digital marketing machine.

App Store Optimization

Optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store

Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization is SEO for voice command searches on compatible devices and instruments.

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“DigAptics has been a great partner to us. Its world class talent, sound knowledge of our industry and robust project management has all been valuable assets to our growth. We see this relationship grow in years to come”


“We couldn’t be more pleased with DigAptics as an outsourced technical resource for our intranet platform” ”


“5 stars is earned and trust is built over time. Over 3 years period, the leaders at DigAptics have worked with us in various capacity, personally and as a company to help us grow and create products. We are very grateful.”