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Business without a mobile presence are considered stone age era

Dominating force in Ecommerce

It’s no secret that Amazon has a strong presence in the online commerce industry. We help our clients better position their products on a highly popular and profitable ecommerce platform that’s still growing in size and complexity. We remain tuned into new developments and changes to their platform to make use of the latest features and to ensure your products are highly visible. Our research-driven approach to Amazon search engine optimization ensures you benefit from our passion to bring your products to the right audience.

Our Solution For Your Amazon Store

Amazon Marketplace Launch

DigAptics has years of experience in Amazon store launching to marketing and everything in between. Increase your sales, revenue, and market dominance with our Amazon Store setup and management services.

Amazon Ad management services

Our data driven Amazon PPC strategies will help your business lower your advertising cost of sale (ACoS) while increasing your bottom line profits and market share. Start making more revenue with Amazon ads, sponsored products using our Amazon Advertisement services.

Amazon Product Reviews management

Amazon uses product reviews for determining where you place your product. DMA facilities positive reviews for your products.

Amazon Digital Marketing Services

DigAptics is a tech and marketing company that provides data centric and innovative solutions to help grow your Amazon business.

Amazon Product Reviews management

Amazon uses product reviews for determining where you place your product. DMA facilities positive reviews for your products.

Communicate with one of our Consultant and let him know about your thoughts, challenges and target.

The Amazon Shopper

Amazon commands a high volume of watchers but before the prospective customer actually buys they check multiple product listings before making a purchase. You need to have a visually appealing product listing. Appearances matter and buyers need to be able to understand your brand worth by the persona you give on your store front in the case of ecommerce is your product listings, your brand packaging, the content description, and the right pricing. The cheapest is not always the best strategy.

Store Analytics and Reporting

Our reports are detailed to help our clients understand where their value is coming from. We believe it’s important to not only establish a level of trust with our clients, we want them to be able to take advantage of their increase in sales. Our reports break down our investment into each of their product listings, the result of that time investment, and where we’re seeing the best results. We work with our clients to ensure the campaign focuses on the right products and to help them understand how they can better invest into their Amazon presence.

Stiff Competition

Just a strategic SEO does not cut it to be successful on Amazon. In this jungle you need help to survive in the form of pay-per-click campaigns. Almost 15 percent of clicks on Amazon now go to paid ads, demonstrating that if you aren’t advertising, you aren’t earning what you could on the world’s biggest e-commerce platform.
DigAptics can help maximize your earnings.

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