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Digital revolution in the Healthcare industry has changed the face of patient care. Healthcare trend are shifting fee for service models to value based care. All this means that quality of patient care is becoming more and more important and not quantity. In order to survive medical businesses have to focus all their energy on patient care. A lot of in house staff time is spent on non-core activities like creating calling lists, medical billing, insurance claims, medical data entry, pay roll services, medical claim processing etc. A lot of the time spent on non-core activities takes away time from patient care, causing an indirect loss to the company and physician burn out and medical businesses failing. That is why companies need to look to outsourcing services in order to ensure that their staff focuses on patient care, thus improving their chances of success. Using DigAptics as your BPO service partner will save you more than time and money. Our continuous refinement of business methodology, translates to your businesses operational efficiency

What We Offer In Healthcare BPO

Medical Billing & Coding

-DigAptics is HIPPA Compliant
-Our coders have the latest information and training to keep this an accurate link in the chain. Our error rate is less than 0.01%.

Medical Data Entry

-Safely standardize, collect, organize, archive, and retrieve patient records and insurance forms
-We use Optical Character Recognition to convert any written or typed piece or paper into a digital document

Medical Claim Processing

-On average, 70-80% of patients owe a minimum of $500 to their healthcare providers. More than 45% of patients owe $1000. If a bill is not eventually paid or settled, the expense of treatment will NEVER be recovered.

Medical Accounts Receivables

-Insurance Verification
-Denial Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Following up on patient accounts that are unpaid or underpaid is crucial to staying ahead of the revenue cycle. Identifying the source of this problem leads to getting paid the proper amount at the proper time

Communicate with one of our Consultant and let him know about your thoughts, challenges and target.

Why Outsource With Digaptics?
Following are the reasons

Cost-Effective Service- DigAptics can do the best work and the best price in the industry. Scale your BPO team as you need, not more, not less
Customized Solutions– We are not just a BPO solution provider, we are also a tech company which gives advantage to us in providing any customized software or procedures you would like we can deliver.

24/7 Support– Call, Email, text. We are here. If you need a rush job or even assistance with something you don’t normally do, we have the people and knowledge that can help.

Advanced Technology– DigAptics uses only the latest, cutting-edge software and hardware. Our team’s certifications are always up to date, and we pride ourselves on innovation and adaptability for our clients.
Data Security– Our security systems set the standards for BPO worldwide. We’ve never had a data breach, we’ve never lost any data due to a network, system, or server failure.
Quick turnaround Time– Our global reach can result in head-snapping speed for your project. Input, compilation, storage, and retrieval, our speed will astound you
Scalability– All our services are scalable, so we always have the resources to fit your needs. If you need a unique service, we can supply it. And if there are slow seasons for you, we can match the activity level. If your busy seasons are crushing you now, we can ease that burden as well
Transparency– Our clients always have access to all our procedures and records. We have stringent quality control and even a dedicated team of inspectors that will make sure our work for you is accurate and complete.
Experienced Professionals– We are specialists in providing the quickest, most accurate results in your sector, and we can do it your way or ours. And since our employees are cross-trained in many skills, we can keep your project on track

You have a vision,We have a team!

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Costing and Delivery

DigAptics BPO engages with its clients with the model that is right for them so that they can maximize the value that they get. Each business process is unique in the way it is done and so the pricing would vary based on the type of work it involves. Some of the models that DigAptics clients have used in the past include:

Transaction Based Model:

A transaction based pricing model for outsourcing is that the one wherein payments are made on the number of transactions made. In this model billing will be based on the deliverables. The client pays only for what is delivered. There is no limit to the transaction volume. Client can leverage this model to keep the cost completely based on work volume.

Rate Assignment Model:

A dedicated resource/team is assigned to the client with delivery objectives on daily basis. Rates are mutually agreed upon which includes all capital and operations expenses. The billing is done at regular intervals time, based on the time the resource/team has worked on the client assignment(s).

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