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Walmart is one of the biggest retail conglomerate in the retail industry so naturally when it turned its focus towards ecommerce it made a big splash and very quickly grabbed a major share of ecommerce. In its fight with Amazon, Walmart also got involved in third part vendor program and hence came the opportunity for businesses to use another platform to showcase their products and profit from their global presence. Walmart’s ecommerce platform is still growing and at DigAptics we remain tuned into the new development, changes and latest features so that we can implement the changes to our clients benefit. Our research-driven approach to Walmart search engine optimization ensures you benefit from our passion to bring your products to the right audience.

DigAptics is a forward-thinking digital agency that provides unique strategies and services to propel your business to new heights online. Walmart Marketplace is a rapidly growing revenue driver for ecommerce. Learn about our management plans below

What We offer in Walmart Store

Walmart Marketplace Launch

Walmart's ecommerce footprint has been growing rapidly in recent years. Their new Walmart Marketplace allows ecommerce retailers to become approved Walmart Marketplace Sellers and offer products online at Selling your products through the world's largest retailer is a unique opportunity for many ecommerce businesses, and DigAptics can help you get started on Walmart Marketplace.

Walmart Product Keyword Strategy

Targeting the right keywords is the key to success; we know what your potential clients are searching for and create strategies accordingly.

Walmart Product Listing Optimization

Each of your listings is individually updated and optimized to maximize your potential sales on Walmart's popular platform.

Walmart Product Reviews management

Product reviews are very important on Walmart platform as they determine where your product is placed

Communicate with one of our Consultant and let him know about your thoughts, challenges and target.

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Walmart Store Marketing


Our analysis of on-page elements allows us to customize the user experience to optimize for search performance.


External efforts aim to get links and online engagement from the most relevant and reputable channels.


As the algorithms change, our approach to optimizing websites changes as well.

Brand Identity

At DigAptics we focus on creating amazing creative brand identity for your business that catches attention, and leaves a lasting impression through every interaction.

The Walmart Shopper

The average Walmart shopper is going to check multiple product listings before making a purchase. By having a thoroughly developed and visually appealing product listing, buyers will be able to see and understand the value your brand brings to the table, thus achieving higher sales numbers on Walmart. Every puzzle solved, the smile on our partners face when they see the final project or reap the fruit of our combined effort.

Store Analytics and Reporting

The reports we generate for our clients are purposely detailed so that we can be transparent on what we did, how we did it to elevate our clients to new heights. We work with our clients to ensure the campaign focuses on the right products and to help them understand how they can better invest into other methods for marketing

Why Walmart

With millions of customers already shopping on, Walmart Marketplace gives your business an effective way to reach the audience of the world's largest retailer. That means you'll have more opportunities to increase the radius of your client base and increase your revenue year over year.

Walmart Marketplace offers a variety of unique options for retailers on the Walmart Marketplace platform. Load products to build your custom product catalog, manage inventory and partner with DigAptics to set pricing.

The DigAptics team designs your campaign from inception to be optimized around revenue generation. Product placement, pricing, ad copy, setup and many other factors have a big impact on campaign performance. You can trust our experts to create the perfect campaign for your unique business and selling points.

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