Voice Search Optimization

What the heck is VSO (Voice Search Optimization)?

Voice search harnesses the power of speech recognition technology to allow users to search the internet via voice commands. In many cases, voice search is done using a smart device, such as Amazon’s Alexa or a Google Home, or a virtual assistant, like Siri. Responses are pulled from featured snippets, which are short selections of text that appear at the top of Google’s search engine results page (SERP). Therefore, for your business’s content to be used as a voice search result, your main goal should be to write and optimize content for featured snippets. This can be accomplished through strategic Voice Search Optimization.

SEO hasn’t changed since VSO devices, The only difference? It’s now necessary for SEO campaigns to target keywords and phrases that users are likely to speak into their devices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective way to boost your business’s visibility on search engines. It uses keyword research, content creation, and optimization to ensure that your website can be found easily by internet users.

At its core, Voice Search Optimization is SEO for voice. However, a key aspect that differentiates the two is how users are searching. Through a traditional online search, users often type specific keywords or fragmented queries. Voice searchers, on the other hand, ask complete questions using natural language. Therefore, VSO requires a different approach than traditional SEO to yield maximum results.

What We Offer In Voice Search Optimization

Keyword Search

By performing thorough research of what search queries your audience is using, we will compile an inventory of keywords that feeds into the VSO strategy. When conducting voice search keyword research, we consider monthly search volume and competition to work out which terms to focus on in your content.

Content Creation

Content is a vital aspect of both VSO and traditional SEO. At DigAptics, we can create and optimize high-quality content using current SEO best practices Our Content Marketing and SEO teams collaborate to ensure every piece of content (including blogs, web pages, and more) meets your standards and reflects your business’s unique voice.

Customizable Branded Voice Search Response

DigAptics, we take Voice Search Optimization a step further by creating fully customizable voice search responses. We use cutting-edge voice search technology to craft branded answers that allow users to “talk” to your business.

On-Page Optimization

DigAptics, we take Voice Search Optimization a step further by creating fully customizable voice search responses. We use cutting-edge voice search technology to craft branded answers that allow users to “talk” to your business.

Featured Snippet Testing

Securing a featured snippet is a valuable accomplishment, but it requires an ongoing strategy to maintain it. To ensure you keep your rankings, our team frequently tests and improves your featured snippets. That way, you can remain present in voice search results.

Communicate with one of our Consultant and let him know about your thoughts, challenges and target.

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How is my Page Selected for Voice Search?

There is a strong correlation between voice search and position zero spots in search. Position zero spots (a.k.a: Featured snippet) are positions on the page that rank higher than organic ranks. In other words, content pages that rank in position zero, have a higher chance of being used in voice search results than those that rank organically. These featured snippets rank above organic results in search engine results pages and receive the highest number of clicks from searchers.

It’s important for your digital marketing agency to pay close attention to where you rank in search — and ensure that you’re ranking in featured snippet/position zero.

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Smart Voice Devices and Platforms We Optimize For

At DigAptics, we provide VSO services for a variety of smart voice devices and platforms, including:

Google Home, Google Mini, and Google Max
• Amazon’s Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Echo Show, and Echo Look
• All iOS-enabled devices (using Siri)
• Windows Cortana
• Android

Informational Voice Search

Seeking specific information. Asking a question and expecting an answer back.

Local Voice Search Intent

Basically the user is looking for near the vicinity things to do or places to visit. For example “near me XYZ” restaurant

Voice Search Assistant

User instructs the device to perform a specific task, whether on the phone, or linking via an app to control external objects.

Voice Search Entertainment

The User want to get information they need regarding a movie, time of event, a music track, a YouTube video, etc.

Why should you optimize Voice Searches?

Voice search is the fastest-growing form of online search. As a matter of fact, marketers plan on the voice recognition market becoming an $800 million dollar industry by 2020. In the year 2017, 38 million Americans said they used a voice-activated assistant at least once per month. Between Google Home and Amazon Alexa, 45 million were installed at the start of 2018. By end of 2020, the US is expected to be home to an estimated 100 million smart speakers and nearly 30% of all searches will be done by a VSO command. About 50% of users have said that they look for a local business with voice search on a daily basis. These statistic alone shows how voice search grows every day – making it almost necessity for your business to look into getting proper marketing on this platform. About 40% of all Google searches each day use voice commands. So, if you’ve yet to jump on the VSO bandwagon, you’re likely missing out on valuable traffic to your website.

The value of Voice Search Optimization also extends beyond smart devices and virtual assistants. This is because voice search results are pulled from featured snippets, which occupy the coveted top spot on SERPs. When your business’s content ranks for a featured snippet, not only will it be used as a voice search result, but you’ll also gain valuable traffic from appearing first when users conduct traditional Google searches.

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