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Business need sales of their products and services to stay in business. However, not all activities are strategic or core to the marketing or sales teams. A lot of time is spent on non-core activities like creating calling lists, searching databases, cleaning up prospect lists etc, a lot of which take away productive time of teams, causing an indirect loss to the company. There are fixed operating costs that seem to only increase, no matter what you do to reduce them. These rising costs don’t seem to have a ceiling. With every year as you grow, the cost of doing business grows about 12- 20%. It’s no wonder that Outsourcing facets of your business has become an attractive possibility and almost a necessity to compete in the cut throat market.

Companies need to look to Sales outsourcing services in order to ensure that their staff focuses on the strategic aspects of the company, thus improving their chances of success.

Sales Outsourcing services help the sales people to close the sales better by allowing them to spend more time closing while leaving other routine tasks to their outsourcing vendors.

What We Offer In BPO Sales

Inbound / Outbound Calls

Each company reaches out to their customers, generally through calling them up to sell them their product / services. However recruiting many of them might be expensive in house with a dedicated staff, which is where DigAptics BPO could step in and save costs for its clients.

Prospect Customer

We have created some mind-blowing virtual world innovations in the form of
mobile applications for clients using AR and VR development services.

Customer / User Surveys

Achieve faster resolutions for your customers/clients by having a dedicated customer service team/personnel. Keep your reputation top notch by preemptively preventing negative feedbacks using various techniques such as surveys/feedbacks etc.

Catalog Management

With the increase of online trade, online stores, e-commerce etc., there is a strong need to have digital catalog management processes. It involves a lot of mundane work such as paper to digital catalog conversion, designing the catalog image, merging the design

Why Outsource With DigAptics?
Following are the reasons:

Cost-Effective Service- DigAptics can do the best work and the best price in the industry. Scale your BPO team as you need, not more, not less

Customized Solutions– We are not just a BPO solution provider, we are also a tech company which gives advantage to us in providing any customized software or procedures you would like we can deliver.

24/7 Support– Call, Email, text. We are here. If you need a rush job or even assistance with something you don’t normally do, we have the people and knowledge that can help.

Advanced Technology– DigAptics uses only the latest, cutting-edge software and hardware. Our team’s certifications are always up to date, and we pride ourselves on innovation and adaptability for our clients.

Data Security– Our security systems set the standards for BPO worldwide. We’ve never had a data breach, we’ve never lost any data due to a network, system, or server failure.

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