Coupon Marketing increases your consumer interest and increases sales

Customer savings = You make more money

Coupons are an excellent marketing tool, which drives in additional sales, builds up the brand image and customer loyalty. Newer and innovative technologies have enabled coupon campaigns to trace data for CRM and persistently improve the marketing efforts. The way you run coupon campaigns must go hand in hand together with your other marketing efforts.
There are a couple of minor differences between physical coupons and digital versions. Physical coupons are far more expensive to include into your marketing strategy. Physical coupons incur printing, insertion, and cost, whilst digital coupons are often sent by text, email, and automatically generated communications.

Why your Business needs to offer Coupons


coupons-91% of consumers use coupon

Promo codes

Digital coupons redemptions to surpass 90 billion by 2022


of consumers say they want coupons to be more available

Automatic Codes

Emails with coupons have a 52% increase in revenue per email

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Why use DigAptics digital coupon marketing services?

90% of shoppers use coupons
Digital coupons usage to surpass $95 billion by 2022
Emails with coupons have a 50% increase in revenue per email
Upsurge in product sales
Enhances Credibility and reputation for the brand
Great visibility in search engine results
Easily cached by Google search bots
We have years of experience that we use to campaign on behalf of our clients. Click here to learn some of our tactics.

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Lures New Customers into Your Business
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Accurate Data
Increases the sales of Add-on Products

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We are an Omni channel platform for everything business, from business development & business operations to business marketing. All that is essential for a healthy and successful business are handled by our experts in their respective departments. When you hire DigAptics, you hire an entire team of people, each from our various departments who huddle and discuss projects and manage them throughout the life cycle of the project so that the delivery is based on your vision, goals, specifications but also is primed with innovation, market research, evidence based decisions and transparency. We believe that satisfaction demands regular updates, reports, open communication, upfront pricing, and no long term contracts.

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