Wireframing is the process of studying the
target audience and market in which the
application or business will exist

What is Wire Framing?

A Wire Frame is an outline or structure of the product that is developed. Our UI/UX design experts make it act as that skeleton to give a well thought out visual idea that is the building block for product. Wire Framing is a step above simple sketching. Our Designers use various tools to bring to life their vision for the product in all its colors, backed with a data centric evidence of user psychology and user experience studies.

What We Offer In Wireframing


Step 1 is to map the project requirements with the vision, requirements and needs of the client.


Step 2 is when the idea translates onto paper using pen and paper


The idea comes to life with all the right typography, color pallets, and digitalization in the form of a wireframe. This is the most crucial stage in the development of a web or a mobile app.

Communicate with one of our SEO consultant and let him know about your thoughts, challenges and target.

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DigAptics is not just a tech company, we are business transformers and we treat companies who we deal with as our partners and not clients only because your success is tied to our continued success. The best business is from word of mouth and if we don’t deliver good products and manage your projects like we would for our own in house project, than not only are you not satisfied but also we no longer will enjoy what we do. We do what we do because we love it, the challenges, the “ahhh” after every puzzle solved, the smile on our partners face when they see the final project or reap the fruit of our combined effort.

Communicate with one of our Marketing consultant and let him know about your thoughts, challenges and target.

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