Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Analytics, IoT, server solutions, data warehousing—the technologies AWS offers is a long list, and DigAptics has worked with nearly every single one of them. We not only provide consult and counsel on which services are right for you for achieving your goals, but also integrate them seamlessly with your existing technology as well.

Amazon Web Service


With flexible pricing plans and a modular, building-block mentality, AWS scales with your business. Add, remove, or re-allocate resources as needed, and start wielding the Swiss Army knife of cloud computing.

High Speed

With AWS x DigAptics the resources you need are constantly available—the faster you get them in the hands of your developers, the faster the project lifecycle accelerates.


Pay for your resources only when you need them, without buying into long-commitment or wasteful contracts.

File Storage

MongoDB has excellent storage features and our experts at DigAptics can create database architectures that complement and augment the excellent feature to make it even more robust, efficient, organized, and easily accessible

Communicate with one of our Consultant and let him know about your thoughts, challenges and target.

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Our engineers and app developers have been working with React Native since, well, the invention of React Native. With years of experience working with clients drawn to the framework’s portability, we have mastered the craft of building single codebases that can run on both iOS and Android operating systems

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