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For a continued growth and increase in profits, company/business needs to constantly remain profitable not just to survive and grow but also to prevent scrutiny by investors, regulators, or financial institutions. In any business the bottom line is the bottom line. There are fixed operating costs that seem to only increase, no matter what you do to reduce them. These rising costs don’t seem to have a ceiling. With every year as you grow, the cost of doing business grows about 12- 20%. It’s no wonder that Outsourcing facets of your business has become an attractive possibility and almost a necessity to compete in the cut throat market.

We will be the first to acknowledge the fears that may come with even the thought of outsourcing may paralyze your decision to proceed with outsourcing but that’s where we differ from a lot of bad apples out there. We are a tech company and our services are infused with technology to improve efficiency and security. Call us and let us put your mind at ease on our transparent processes for all that we do with Business augmentation services a.k.a BPO.

Order to cash service

DigAptics can help in the whole order to cash cycle (OTC cycle). O2C or OTC, refers to the set of business processes for receiving and processing customer sales orders for goods and services and their payment

Tax Processing Services

The accounting process in aggregating tax liability for the sale of goods and services, preparing returns, collecting back up, and presenting the completed federal and state forms

Invoice Processing

A company accounts payable team handles supplier invoices. It starts with an invoice and finishes with requesting payment, confirming payment received, and recording that into the general ledger. At DigAptics you can augment your accounts team with our professional staff or have us deal with the whole process of inquiry, confirmation and documentation of payable.

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable is recorded in the Account Payable sub-ledger when an invoice is vouched for payment.

Payroll Processing

Our Payroll BPO service manages the payment of wages of the employees by the company (employer). Payroll processing involves gathering employee time information for a selected period, managing benefits & deductions, and distributing pay for that time period

Financial Reporting

The DigAptics Financial Reporting entails creating a report on a determined frequency to the management of an organization/company/business. The report is the disclosure of financial health and numbers of the company in a certain time period. This report is usually created for assessing performance internally or for outside parties such as investors, merger acquisition committee, regulators, etc.)

Accounting Services

DigAptics Accounting BPO department can tackle small part of your accounting needs or full service accounting requirements.

Book Keeping Services

Any Transactions within a business whether purchase or sale must be recorded with details and with proofs in the form of receipts and statements. All of this recording and keeping the financial transactions of a company and their personals are required for company’s financial report and also by IRS for tax purposes. DigAptics BPO services can take care of all the financial recording of a business/company a.k.a BOOK KEEPING

Accounts Receivables

When a company owes money by entities, it is called Accounts receivables. Keeping track of money that people owe is essential for the financial health of your business but often times gets over looked because of overwhelming work pressures and time constraints. At DigAptics our Financial BPO team can take care of your accounts receivables by generating an invoice and either mailing or electronically delivering it to the customer, and keeping track whether payment was received in the desired time frame or not.

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Why Outsource With Digaptics?

Following are the reasons

Cost-Effective Service- DigAptics can do the best work and the best price in the industry. Scale your BPO team as you need, not more, not less
Customized Solutions– We are not just a BPO solution provider, we are also a tech company which gives advantage to us in providing any customized software or procedures you would like we can deliver.

24/7 Support– Call, Email, text. We are here. If you need a rush job or even assistance with something you don’t normally do, we have the people and knowledge that can help.

Advanced Technology– DigAptics uses only the latest, cutting-edge software and hardware. Our team’s certifications are always up to date, and we pride ourselves on innovation and adaptability for our clients.
Data Security– Our security systems set the standards for BPO worldwide. We’ve never had a data breach, we’ve never lost any data due to a network, system, or server failure.
Quick turnaround Time– Our global reach can result in head-snapping speed for your project. Input, compilation, storage, and retrieval, our speed will astound you
Scalability– All our services are scalable, so we always have the resources to fit your needs. If you need a unique service, we can supply it. And if there are slow seasons for you, we can match the activity level. If your busy seasons are crushing you now, we can ease that burden as well
Transparency– Our clients always have access to all our procedures and records. We have stringent quality control and even a dedicated team of inspectors that will make sure our work for you is accurate and complete.
Experienced Professionals– We are specialists in providing the quickest, most accurate results in your sector, and we can do it your way or ours. And since our employees are cross-trained in many skills, we can keep your project on track

Costing and Delivery

DigAptics BPO engages with its clients with the model that is right for them so that they can maximize the value that they get. Each business process is unique in the way it is done and so the pricing would vary based on the type of work it involves. Some of the models that DigAptics clients have used in the past include:

Transaction Based Model:

A transaction based pricing model for outsourcing is that the one wherein payments are made on the number of transactions made. In this model billing will be based on the deliverables. The client pays only for what is delivered. There is no limit to the transaction volume. Client can leverage this model to keep the cost completely based on work volume.

Rate Assignment Model:

A dedicated resource/team is assigned to the client with delivery objectives on daily basis. Rates are mutually agreed upon which includes all capital and operations expenses. The billing is done at regular intervals time, based on the time the resource/team has worked on the client assignment(s).

DigAptics BPO Delivery Models

Fixed Time / Fixed Cost Project Model:

This is a time/project based model where the beginning date and end date is identified. This model works best where the work volume and timeline is understood beforehand. DigAptics BPO will offer you the simplest offer possible and put adequate number of resources to make sure the project is completed before or on the set target date. Project deliverables, timelines and resource utilization are pre-defined in order that both the client and DigAptics team are synchronized to execute a successful project.

Hybrid Model:

In this model you get the best of both worlds as it maximizes the value that the client gets, especially if the work is tough to define based on the above criteria solely.

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