Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications

EA is a large software that is designed to work for a company. Companies that are mid-tier usually have pretty intricate needs and demands, and here at DigAptics that is our expertise. With a set of backend, frontend, UI/UX designer to all the way up to Digital marketing team and their SEO especially bring an element of efficiency and quality production to the clients name.

According to studies a company can gain about 250 hours of work per year when their employees use enterprise apps. About 40% of companies promote business apps internally.

An EA software service include payment processing, HR systems, procurement systems, engagement platforms, interactive product catalogs, digitized billing systems, security, content management, online shopping, IT service management, content switching modules, resource planning, Manufacturing, application integration, forum automation, sales force automation, BPO etc.

Our Software Development Process

Listen Understand & Research

- Ask right questions & understand the vision, goals, & objectives
- Complete Market and industry research
- Feasibility and future scope

Planning & Concept

-Structure designed
-Technology to be used
-Functionality determined

UX Designs

WireFrames (Static than Dynamic)
-Visual Appeal factor


- Images created or curated
- Videos developed
- SEO optimized


-Languages selected
-Database Integrations
-Ecommerce if needed
-Secure (HTTPS)
-Responsive design
-Agile Methodology used for deliverables


-Quality Testing performed
-Heat Maps used
-A/B testing if requested

Communicate with one of our Consultant and let him know about your thoughts, challenges and target.

You have a vision,We have a team!

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Updated knowledge and staying ahead of the curve with innovative techniques and best practices is what distinguishes you in this world wide web of businesses.

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Our Work Process

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your goals
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