The Business-to-Consumer business model, or B2C for short, is a business model that is an interaction between a business and a consumer directly. The interaction between an aesthetician and a patient is also an example of the B2C business model as it is not just dependent on physical goods, it can also serve a service that one has to offer. Another example of the B2C model can be a customer purchasing clothes from Macy’s.


The B2C market is very vast, and unlike the B2B business model, there are a lot of decision-makers involved in purchasing an item. This means that your marketing skills and strategies should be so powerful that the viewer is forced to share them with somebody whom they know would be interested in it. The main purpose of purchasing products for B2C customers is to improve their quality of life.

As the B2C market is very big, there is a lot of competition between various brands to convince consumers to purchase your product. A consumer would only be attracted to your brand if you use good marketing strategies. A consumer, who is purchasing your product for the very first time, would be heavily influenced by your marketing skills and your product’s packaging. Hence, you must pay extra attention to these two factors to create a better sense of brand awareness among your potential customers.

Furthermore, the marketing strategies you wish to implement must be unique and out of the box to spark the interest of your potential customers. If you feel overwhelmed by this responsibility, you must consider hiring marketing experts, such as DigAptics, for handling your marketing strategies. A promising marketing campaign allows greater potential for having a higher ROI.


Achieving a higher ROI is the main goal of all businesses. With the right approach and choices, you can achieve these goals very easily. It is generally seen that the success of your marketing strategy usually depends on the following 10 strategies:

1. Surveying the Market and Connect on an Emotional Level with the Customers

Before you start with your marketing campaign, it would be a better idea if you run a quick survey of the market and find out what is lacking out there. You must also try to find out what the customers are looking for and what attracts them the most. You can conduct these surveys online or in-person in the malls, and provide your participants with compensation. You must never treat your customers are profit generators; instead, you should understand their needs and wants. Moreover, you must study your target market very closely to make your marketing campaign as successful as possible.

2. Social Media Marketing

Various social media platforms can be used, depending on your target market, to carry out your marketing campaign. It is very important to understand what platform is famous with your target market. If you do not use the right platform, your marketing campaign would just be a waste of money, as no major results would be seen. Hence, little knowledge regarding social media platforms can be treated as a prerequisite for digital marketing. For instance, marketing multivitamins for 60+ on TikTok would not be a good idea; in fact, it would just be a waste of money. Furthermore, most social media platforms provide insights into your marketing campaign to give you a better picture of the success of your marketing campaign. This allows you to reach your target market easily. The content you post must keep your consumers engaged.

3. Email and SMS Marketing

Another successful way of creating brand awareness is by using email and SMS marketing. There is various software available that could help you in carrying out a vast email and SMS marketing scheme.

4. Multimedia and Paid Media Advertisement

This is another great way of creating brand awareness. This includes utilizing the web, apps, television, videos, podcasts, mobile marketing, file sharing, and live casts to advertise your brand. You can use high-quality videos, images, and well-written content to advertise your brand on the above-stated platforms. These can be paid advertisements to create better brand awareness for your brand.

5. Membership Programs and Rewards

Starting with membership programs and rewards can be seen as an incentive for your customers. This would help to attract more customers to your brand, and also help customers to become loyal to your brand.

6. Direct Selling

Direct selling is the selling of products to your customers physically. This is the best way to generate more sales, as you can even let the customers use your products before they purchase them. It helps to build an in-person relationship of the marketing agents with the customers. They can get demonstrations and live information about the products too. This is a good way of selling food items as the customers can taste the products before purchasing them.

7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By having pages on social media platforms for your brand, and also having a fully functional website for your brand, you would be increasing your chances of showing up on search engines. Furthermore, using the specific keywords in the content for your social media pages and your website would improve your SEO practices. Even having a blog on your website would be great for your brand’s SEO.

8. Storytelling

Since we all grew up listening to stories, consumers get more attracted to brands that inculcate the feature of storytelling in their brands. This helps in engaging the customer emotionally with your brand, making them purchase your products. Storytelling could be used by the brand to tell the brand’s story, vision, services, and the products they offer. It creates a very positive and happy image for the brand.

9. Retargeting

If a customer has purchased from you in the past, retargeting them with paid advertisement would be a good idea as they might be open to the option of purchasing again from your store. This is a costly strategy but is known to provide you with a higher ROI.

10. Influencers

Nowadays, social media platforms have a lot of influencers. They are people with a lot of followers. Collaborating with them would be a great idea to reach out to a greater number of followers.


The B2C business is a very big industry and there is a lot of competition amongst brands. To stand out from the rest of the brands, you must engage with your followers to the max by posting creative and engaging content. If you feel this is a challenge, and you want to do a lot better than your competitors, then you must not shy away from hiring DigAptics as your professional helping hand. They are a team of dedicated professionals who know how to create brand awareness that will eventually help you in getting a higher ROI.







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