Digital marketing has gained tremendous popularity in the past decade. More so, it has become even more popular since the start of COVID-19 as all businesses have resorted to selling on digital platforms. As a result of selling on these digital platforms, digital marketing has become an essential tool for these businesses.

Businesses rely heavily on social media platforms for increasing their brand awareness and engagement with their customers. Better brand visibility and awareness through social media platforms and other marketing tools lead to a higher Return On Investment (ROI) for the business. Since almost everybody, from all age groups, uses social media, making use of these platforms would be highly beneficial for your brand.

Another effective way to market your brand is through email marketing. Over the years, the email marketing strategy has evolved, making it even more effective than before. This evolution was necessary due to the thorough filtration of emails done by your email service provider. Moreover, the emails you send to your potential customers should be able to grasp their attention and must be able to stand out from the rest. This article discusses all the various ways you can implement to help you stand out in your potential customer’s inbox.


With so much competition from other brands and businesses, you must implement various techniques and strategies to help your brand stand out with the lot. From the countless number of promotional emails a potential customer receives, your email must intrigue the customer to click on it- this is the first step. Once the potential customer clicks on it, the content of the email should be able to grasp the attention of the customer till the last word. All of this is only possible if you make certain changes to your content and approach.

To help you achieve your desired goals, we have listed a few ideas to help you tweak your email marketing game. If you implement these ideas, your email marketing campaign would be a game-changer for your business. These ideas are:

1. Mirroring your email content with Facebook
The email database you use for your email marketing campaign can be uploaded to Facebook to utilize the Custom Audiences feature. With this feature, you can show your ad on Facebook and in your customer’s inbox simultaneously. Seeing the same ad in two places simultaneously helps to increase the chances of the customer clicking on your ad.

2. Your subject line
Since the subject line is the first thing a potential customer reads, it should be strong enough to create an impact. Just like the marketing strategies have evolved, customers too have become smart enough to smell a sales pitch from far off. Thus, you must stay away from such an approach and mention something of value to the customer.

3. The content of the email
Then, in the content of your email, you must deliver what you promised in the subject line. This means you should be direct and not make your email too wordy. You should use more images than text as too many words bore people and they lose interest mid-way. To create accurate content, you must identify your target audience and implement strategies that would help you to attract them.

4. Give your potential customer the attention they desire
You should make your potential customer feel special. The only way they would open your email would be if they see their name in the subject line. When a customer reads their name in the subject line, they will feel special and would want to read your email. Personalizing the email helps to captivate the attention of the reader and makes them feel special.

5. We love discounts and freebies
Just imagine, waking up on an email with a 20% discount code on your first purchase- who would want to miss such an opportunity? Providing your potential customers with discounts codes in the subject line is an effective way of encouraging the customer to open the email.

6. Give important updates
If the clocks are to be rolled back, you can use them to your advantage and send the customers a reminder to do so. Be the first to provide your potential customer with any important updates. Getting an important update in your inbox will surely increase your potential customer’s curiosity, encouraging them to open your email.

7. Your email must be compatible with all devices
It is not necessary that the email you send to your potential customers will only be viewed on a desktop computer; it can be viewed on their mobile and tablets too. All these devices provide different features to their users. Regardless of the device, your potential customer uses to view your email, they should be able to view the email with the same experience on all devices. Your email must be compatible with all devices and provide the user with all features that have been used for creating the email.


With so much competition in the market and filters applied by email providers, it has become extremely difficult to stand out in your potential customer’s inbox. However, it is not impossible if you implement the right techniques. If you feel you are struggling with your email marketing strategies, then you must consider opting for professional marketing services. One such dedicated team of professionals is DigAptics. They work closely with their clients to understand what their goals are and provide them with a strategy to help achieve those goals in reality. The main aim of every business is to achieve a higher ROI, which is possible if you work with the right experienced people. While you concentrate on the running of your business, DigAptics can look after your business’s marketing. Contact them today to get an estimate for your business.


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