Email marketing is one of the effective marketing methods that is still used by marketers. However, due to an increase in the competition between various brands, it has become difficult to attract new customers through email campaigns. An individual receives countless emails in a single day, making your brand visibility difficult. Therefore, it is safe to say that it is much more cost-effective to retain old customers than attract new ones. Retention often leads to loyalty and loyal customers can help to attract new customers through word of mouth; thus, it is a win-win situation for you.


Some of the most effective email strategies that can help you with loyalty and retention of customers are:

1. Send Personalized Emails
This is the most basic strategy that must be implemented. Customers appreciate personalized emails as it makes them feel important by the brand. You can collect data from your website to help categorize your customers into similar groups. This allows you to send out the same email to numerous customers with similar interests.

2. Welcome Emails
Sending friendly welcome emails helps to start things on a positive note. Since this would be your first email to your customer, you must set the tone right and inform them about what they should expect from your future emails. This email should be short and sweet and you can even encourage the customer’s first purchase by providing them with a discount code. However, the discount code should be mentioned in the subject line to encourage the customer to open the email.

3. Customer Feedback Emails
After a customer has purchased with you, you must send out a customer survey form. This helps to give value and importance to the customer by the brand. The survey form you send out should be short and straightforward. Longer survey forms have a higher rate of abandonment by the customers.

4. Customer Appreciation Emails
The customer should always be given the utmost importance by the brand. Thus, gestures like this would help to make the customers special and would help to retain them. Some brands send birthday emails to their customers, including discount codes. Apart from this, an appreciation email would help to make them feel special and eventually make them loyal customers.

5. New Feature Emails
Announcing a new website feature through email helps to give the customers an insight into the new feature before they can use it themselves. A mini-tutorial would help the customers understand the feature better and will prevent them from splitting away. This is another way of showing the customers that you care for them.

6. Rewards Program
Starting with a rewards program will encourage the customers to shop and earn points that can be used to avail discounts. You can even let your customers donate their earned points for social causes. Sending reminder emails to customers to encourage them to spend to earn points will help you to retain your customers.

7. Abandoned Cart Emails
Customers who add products to their carts and just close the tab must be sent reminder emails to complete their purchases. Sometimes it happens that customers genuinely forget to complete their orders, thus an email would be a great reminder for such customers. Abandoned cart emails are known to encourage customers to complete their purchases.

8. Promotional Emails
Promotional emails are a great way to reward your loyal customers with exclusive prices, offers, and discounts. This is another way of appreciating your customers.


Starting with an email campaign for loyalty and retention of customers can be a bit tricky due to the excessive competition present. Hiring professional marketers in such a situation is the best investment one can make. One such team of professionals is DigAptics, who offer their expertise to help clients achieve their goals. They can help you drive the perfect email campaign for the loyalty and retention of your customers. Contact them today to get an estimate for your business.



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