With a sharp increase in the number of people relying on search engines, marketers started to improve their search engine marketing strategies. With better and improved search engine marketing strategies, brands have benefited tremendously. However, search engine marketing is not just limited to brands and businesses; physicians too can take advantage of these marketing strategies.

In today’s day and age, we rely heavily on Google and other search engines to search for businesses around us. Similarly, people have been using search engines to find the relevant physicians for themselves. With so many physicians spread around the country, you need to stand out in the search results.


Search engine marketing techniques are equally important for physicians. People generally have this misconception that the medical world has got nothing to do with the marketing world- this is wrong. The medical world, too, has evolved and is implementing various marketing strategies, such as search engine marketing, to get better visibility.

A few effective search engine marketing techniques have been discussed below:

1. Create Better Landing Pages

The main aim is not just to get the user to click on your website, instead, you should be able to retain the user on to your website. This is only possible if the landing page seems to be offering the details that were shown during the search results. If details regarding the physician are not readily available, the user would be forced to close the tab and move on to the next search result. Therefore, you must ensure that your website is up to date and provides all the relevant information to the visitor right away.

2. Mobile Optimization
These days people mostly use their mobile devices to access the internet. Your website must be optimized for mobile devices to provide the visitors with the same experience as they would on the desktop version. If any features are missing or the viewer is having issues in navigating your website, they would close the tab and move on to the next search result.

3. Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
The local SEO practice helps you to be discovered by patients in your locality. This search result relies on the location of the patient to help locate the physicians nearby them. To get better search visibility, you must have an active and updated Google My Business page. Pages with complete details have a higher chance of showing up higher in the listing.

4. Other SEO Practices
Good SEO practices are essential for better search engine marketing. A few basic SEO practices that you can use are:

Specific keywords help to drive better search engine results. If a potential patient is looking for a cardiology physician, then they can use layman terms such as “heart physician near me.” Such keywords must be embedded within the website.

Posting blogs for your website not only helps to build a better relationship with the readers, but it helps to incorporate specific keywords in your content that can help to improve your search visibility on various search engines.

—Titles and Meta Titles
Having short and to the point titles can help to drive more traffic towards your website. The titles should never be misleading as it causes you to lose your potential patient. They end up closing the tab and move on to the next search result. Meta titles should give an apt description of the title and must incorporate the specific keywords.

5. Social Media Pages
Since almost everybody has at least one social media account, social media platforms tend to show up within the first 10 search results. Your social media pages must be active and must have a good engagement rate with your followers. These days, the success of a physician is determined by the number of followers and likes one has on their social media accounts. Social media is not just for brands and businesses; it is equally important for physicians to make their digital presence felt.


Being a physician, you might struggle with your search engine marketing. It is generally seen that the people associated with the world of medicine do not have much technical knowledge regarding the marketing world. Therefore, it is better to hire professionals for this work so you can sit with the peace of your mind and treat your patients.

One such reliable team of marketers is DigAptics, which can help you achieve your desired marketing goals in no time. They work closely with their clients to understand their requirements and plan their marketing strategies accordingly. With the right SEO strategies, you being a physician, will get better visibility on search engines, and get a higher ROI (Return On Investment). Contact them today to discuss a search engine marketing plan for physicians.


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