If you have ever been in a situation where you have heard other business owners talk about how programmatic ads have changed their marketing game and had no idea what they were talking about, then you are in the right place today. This article talks about everything you need to know about programmatic ads.


So what exactly are these programmatic ads that the business world is raving about? Simply put, programmatic media buying is an optimized and improved way of purchasing digital marketing campaigns automatically, other than buying directly from publishers. This helps to make the process as quick, smooth, and transparent as possible. Purchasers are required to participate in a real-time auction.

Another way to describe programmatic media buying is the purchasing of advertisement space in real-time, with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), omitting any human interactions. The buyer is expected to participate in real-time bidding to get the ad space.

Programmatic media buying is beneficial for various media channels, such as video, social, and mobile. Initially, it was considered to be a luxury for bigger brands only, but now it is accessible by businesses with smaller budgets too.


You must have experienced this: when you visit a website selling shoes and just close the website without making any purchase, then the next website you visit, you view ads for shoes. Ever wondered how this happens? It happens because of real-time bidding. This is an auction that takes place at the same time a web page takes to load, which is hardly 100 ms. So an auction takes place between the shoe ads and other ads; the ad with the highest bid wins the space to display the ad. This is a better way of targeting the audience who is interested in buying your products.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all programmatic media buying depends on real-time bidding. There are two other ways of programmatic advertising:

1. Programmatic Direct
This usually involves a fixed price payment and promises a better impression on specific sites, with full-page ads.

2. Private Exchange Buying (PMP)
This type of programmatic buying is a lot more private as it is an invite-only marketplace. These advertisers can bid on the inventory space, and purchase a space of the publisher’s inventory.

These are the ways programmatic media buying works.


Programmatic media buying is an effective way of spending funds to reach your target audience. This marketing strategy has a higher chance of being successful than randomly displaying your ad to people who might not be interested in it.

Furthermore, with programmatic media buying, you can monitor your ad campaign to make it even more successful. This is a great help in getting a higher ROI (Return On Investment).


Just like traditional marketing campaign strategies, programmatic media buying relies on certain factors that must be considered before you take a plunge into it. These factors are:

1. Knowing your market
You should know who is your target audience and what they are looking for. Your ad campaigns must be designed in a way to grab their attention. You should also aim for those websites that are famous to your target audience.

2. Setting your goals
Setting your goals would allow you to plan your marketing strategy accordingly. You should plan your long-term and short-term goals to design your marketing campaign accordingly.

3. Human help
Although programmatic media buying relies heavily on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, you do need some human help to make your campaign a success. Also, it can even cause your ads to appear in the wrong place. Therefore, you need humans to keep a check and monitor the websites where your ads are shown.

4. Fraud
There have been some cases of fraud reported in the programmatic media buying sector, but the rate is not as high as other display ads mechanisms.


If you are spending money on your marketing campaign and are still not seeing any results, then you must try programmatic media buying. The way this works will be beneficial for your business and will surely result in a higher ROI for you.


Although you can work on programmatic media buying on your own, to make this marketing campaign more effective, you should consider getting professional help. DigAptics is a team of professionals who work closely with their clients to fulfill all their marketing and accounting needs. They provide their clients with the best marketing solutions to help them achieve a higher ROI, which is the main goal of every business. Contact them today to discuss things further with their dedicated team of professionals.



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