Any organization that uses various marketing strategies to help promote their mission, boost donations from the public and attracts volunteers is known as nonprofit digital marketing. Such organizations are usually on a tighter budget and have to make the most of the few available resources. Nonprofit organizations too need to market themselves to help raise awareness for their cause just like any other brand.


Nonprofit digital marketing is important for the following reasons:

1. Create better awareness for your organization
Even if you are running a nonprofit organization, it still requires you to create awareness for it. The more visible your organization is the more funds it can earn that can help in the running of your mission. People need to know what your contributions have been towards and community and what are your plans.

2. Raise funds
Creating better awareness and visibility for your nonprofit organization will encourage people to donate to your organization. These funds help in carrying out all the essential tasks for accomplishing your mission.

3. Get donor memberships and scheduled donations
The way you display your contributions has got a lot to do with how many funds you can regenerate for your organization. You must display all your efforts and contributions to encourage people to consistently donate to your organization to help keep the contributions to the community running.

4. Get volunteers
Getting donations and funds is not the only way to run your nonprofit organization. Since these organizations run on a very tight budget, they look for volunteers who can help carry out various important tasks.


Creating a digital marketing plan for a nonprofit organization is very similar to a marketing plan for any other brand or organization. A well-planned marketing strategy will help to achieve the goals of the nonprofit organization more realistically.

A nonprofit digital marketing plan involves the following:

1. Setting your marketing goals
This step involves proposing marketing goals by keeping the objectives of the organization in mind. This involves setting goals such as increasing the traffic to our website by 15% by the next month or posting one post per week starting this month. Once these goals are set, then creating content becomes easy.

2. Your target audience
Understanding your target audience will allow you to create content accordingly. Your target audience would usually be split into multiple groups, depending on your organization:


Understanding these groups will allow you to target them individually. For example, the email newsletters you send out to volunteers will be different from the ones you will send out to donors. Therefore, you must create separate mailing lists for your target audience to send them the relevant content.

3. Incorporate key messages
Key messages are like keywords that the audience would be interested in hearing. These key messages help to save up on time and give a direction to the person creating content for the post or newsletter. Since nonprofit organizations deal with various groups of people, they can save time by using specific key messages for a specific group in their content, to ensure the correct message is delivered.

4. Planning and creating your marketing strategies
With numerous marketing platforms, nonprofit organizations can choose their desired platforms and create content for them accordingly. Once you have ample knowledge regarding your target audience, your goals, and the key messages, you can sit down to create various marketing strategies for your organization.

5. Analyzing your progress
Analyzing the progress of your marketing strategies is extremely essential so that you know exactly how your strategies are working. If need be, you can tweak up your marketing strategies to get the desired results.


Marketing strategies for nonprofit organizations are very similar to other organizations; only the content is different.

A few of the effective strategies are mentioned below:

1. Social media marketing
Social media platforms are usually free to use and are the most effective and basic marketing strategy any organization can implement. Social media platforms are the easiest way to engage with followers and potential volunteers and donors. It is also a quick way to keep your followers abreast with your latest events and projects. This is a great way to encourage your followers to participate in fundraisers and other events. The content you post must include the key messages to help target the audience better. You can post pictures, videos, or update statuses- whatever you feel needs to be done. It is generally noted that videos and visuals tend to get more attention from the audience.

Another way you can increase your followers and visibility is by using the option of going live from your social media accounts, interacting with your potential volunteers and donors, and responding to any queries they might have. Collaborating with celebrities and influencers will also get your organization better visibility. Celebrities and influencers usually do such activities for free or a minimal fee, since it is for a noble cause.

2. Creating a website
You must have an updated website that provides all contact details and details regarding your past, current, and future projects. A website usually gives a very professional look to your organization and it helps to gain the trust of the viewer.

3. Email marketing
Email marketing is a cheap yet effective way of reaching out to people. You can attract new donors and volunteers, as well as keep the old ones updated. With email marketing, you can send weekly or monthly newsletters to the subscribers, send project updates, and even request donations or other needs.

4. Event marketing
Nonprofit organizations usually carry out various fundraiser events that must be marketed to attract more volunteers and donors. Some nonprofit organizations organize marathons, galas, etc. to help generate funds for their noble cause. Marketing these events can also help to attract bigger and better sponsors for the events.


Posting the right content that strikes a chord with the viewers is a basic requirement for nonprofit organizations. Marketing is the most essential way of getting better visibility and recognition by the general public. If you and your team are struggling to create the right content, you must look into DigAptics, which are a team of professional marketers. They can help you achieve your goals in no time so that you continue getting funds for your organization. Contact them today for an estimate for your organization.


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