Don’t we just love it when people listen to us? Even when huddling with our group of friends and everyone is talking with each other, don’t you just love that one friend who gives you his full attention? Similarly, when you pay attention and listen to your customers, they love it too. Paying attention towards what they like and dislike, always hearing what they are saying; it is called social listening.

Now, I don’t mean that you start stalking your target group. But when you listen and you show that you are listening to them, that is when you relationship with them strengthens. And how you convey that? Through your marketing strategies of course.

So in this article we will discuss how social listening can be used for digital marketing. And it will be very useful for if until now, all your communications have been along the lines of talking at someone.

Monitor your Brand name!

So first of all, monitor your own brand name!
How to do that? It’s simple. Instead of just knowing when you are tagged somewhere on social media, you set up a tool that notifies you even where you are just mentioned and not tagged. Sometimes what happens is that the consumers do not tag you when giving honest reviews. Keep an eye on those honest reviews and experiences.

Create better content

For instance, you hear, by monitoring your brand, your current content does not stand for a certain social issue. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO LEARN. If your target audience is someone who cares about this issue and if you see that it is something you should stand for, incorporate it in your future content.

And it does not have to be that big even. You don’t have to look for new social directions for your campaigns, look for technical things as well. So for example, see what your audience is searching or talking about, and cater your content to that. Use those keywords in your content, and make sure your headlines reflect that.

Monitor others too

This might sound creepy but it really isn’t. Monitoring your competitors will allow you to get a grasp on what’s in. And you will know this stuff without doing experimentation on your own. So for example, you find out that something didn’t work for them, you won’t have to invest time and effort on a similar idea for your brand.

And monitoring them will also help you expand your own knowledge. Stick with me here. So what I am trying to say is that hypothetically speaking, you see something worked for your competitor. Now you know what works, what hits the consumers where you want it to.

However, you can’t use that exactly as it is. Because if you do, you will be accused of copying. Plagiarism is never endorsed by anyone. So you will have to brainstorm for ideas. You will have to brainstorm for methods to broadcast the same notion in a different packaging. And that is how your competitors teach you as well.


There is a lot more you can do here. But what you are really doing by social listening is, you are getting to ‘know’ your audience. And it all boils down to your audience. Are they happy with your content? Do they want something different? Who they want to follow? And by hearing them out, you will be better able to generate strategies that bring your consumers right to your website again and again.

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