Webinars have been a part of the marketing world for a very long time, but have gained tremendous popularity recently. Due to the world being hit by COVID-19, webinars have been the main form of virtual congregations that are allowing people to connect from all across the world. Since all brands, businesses, and organizations are conducting webinars, the whole concept is getting very monotonous for the attendees. This is where the marketers step in and help you to create a unique webinar experience for your attendees. Planning and marketing your webinar are the two main strategies that depict the success of your webinar.

The main purpose of a webinar is to educate, train, and generate leads for the online event that mostly lasts for 30-60 minutes. Webinars are the most accessible type of event for attendees from all around the world. Usually, webinars have one or two speakers reading out Powerpoint slides, and the attendees are expected to close their cameras. There is not much interaction between the speakers and attendees.


Thorough planning of a webinar will eventually lead to its success, therefore, you must carefully plan.

Some basic questions that you must consider are:

1. The content that will be shown to the audience
This includes the agenda of the webinar that will help you to create content for the webinar. This includes the presentations, images, speakers, etc.

2. The medium used for the webinar
There is various software that is available for hosting a webinar that is available readily worldwide. You can choose the most appropriate software for your webinar.

3. Interactions with the attendees
You can include question and answer sessions, polls, chat options, etc. to help increase the interactivity rate of your webinar. Without any interactions, the webinars are considered to be very boring and just a waste of time.

4. Sign-ups for the webinar
Although most webinars are free to attend, encouraging the attendees to sign up for the webinar will make it easier to monitor the number of attendees.


A webinar is a virtual event that requires some level of marketing too. The more you market your webinar, the more attendees you sign up and your webinar will be a great success. In the future, when you will conduct another webinar, more people would like to attend, based on the success of your previous webinar. This is a chain reaction that keeps on getting better and better with every webinar you host.

A few basic marketing strategies are disused below.

1. Set up an official website
First things first- you need to get all the details out in one place. The best way to do so is by setting up an official website, that provides all the details regarding the webinar. Details such as the hosts, speakers, the key content that would be discussed, and the timings. Registration details and registrations can be done through your website. If you wish to conduct regular webinars, you can continue using this website for all your future webinars.

The landing page of your website must straightforwardly provide all the key details. Things do not have to be too complicated or flashy; however, a well-presented website will have a better impact on the visitors to your website.

2. Email marketing campaign
An email marketing campaign is a cheap yet effective method of marketing that is still used by marketers. You can create emails with the registration link and other details about the webinar and send them out to different email addresses of people from the database, based on your specific target audience. However, sending emails is just not enough; monitoring the actions taken by the receiver is also important, such as the number of people who registered for the webinar via email.

3. Social media marketing
Since social media platforms are the cheapest way to market brands, businesses, and webinars, you must make use of these platforms. Almost everybody has at least one social media account that they may use to keep themselves updated with the current happenings. You can create profiles and pages on these platforms and post content that you can promote all over the social media platform, targeting your target market to get the desired results. You can even monitor the progress of your ads and promoted content and make changes to them to get the desired results.

4. Promoting with brand ambassadors and influencers
If you collaborate with social media influencers and key personalities for your brand as brand ambassadors, you would be able to get better visibility for the webinar. Brand ambassadors help to create a better impact on the public.

5. Virtual event software
You can make use of various virtual event software to help make the webinar fun and interactive, rather than the traditional boring meeting type. You can market this to help attract more attendees for your webinar.

6. Post webinar reviews
Once the webinar is over, you are still not done. To improve your next webinar, you can ask the audience to fill out a quick survey before they leave. This is a great way to collect feedback from the attendees while the event is still fresh in their minds.


Since almost all companies and organizations are holding webinars, there has been an increase in the competition of conducting the best webinar. To allow your company’s webinar to stand out and get the maximum number of attendees, you must consider hiring professional help.

One such company that offers professional marketing and software solutions is DigAptics. Their team of dedicated marketers can help you to market your webinar so that you can achieve the highest number of attendees for your event. If you are looking to create a unique experience for your attendees, you can even discuss the use of virtual event software with the DigAptics team. Contact them today to discuss things with the team.


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