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Facebook is one of the oldest and best social media platforms and has been growing ever since 2004; the year it was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and others. It is a platform that is famous worldwide and most, if not all, people use Facebook at least if they do not use any other social media platforms.

Initially, Facebook was seen as a platform for social networking, but soon enough people realized that it can also be an integral part of the marketing world. Most businesses, whether small scale or large scale, make use of Facebook to engage with their consumers.

Facebook marketing is not just used by businesses, it is even used by artists, such as musicians, to update their fans regarding their latest music releases and gigs, and also to engage with them. 



Facebook offers various methods that can be availed for marketing purposes. These channels include the following:

1. Facebook Business Pages

They help in creating awareness for your brand. 


2. Facebook Ads 

Reach your target audience with a specific message. 


3. Facebook Groups 

They help to grow your brand’s awareness and reach and engage with a group of your target audience.


4. Facebook Marketplace

Sell your products on Facebook.


5. Co-marketing 

Two businesses collaborate to promote each other’s businesses.




The Facebook Business Page Is Easy To Set Up


Businesses looking to promote themselves, avail the Facebook Business Pages option. In this digital era, it has become a necessity for every brand and business to have a Facebook page, since it is the most widely used social media platform.

A Facebook page is like a public profile that you can manage to connect with your customers by sharing content. This feature is offered free of cost by Facebook that helps in generating more sales for your business.

You can run the Facebook page on your own or hire marketing professionals to do your dirty work. However, since every brand has joined the rat race, you must run the extra mile and create a Facebook page that stands out from the rest.

Hiring professionals for managing your page is way better than doing it on your own. One such company that has quite a few years of experience under its belt is DigAptics.

They are experts in handling your Facebook and other social media platforms pages to help make your brand’s presence felt online, and in turn, help in achieving a higher ROI for your brand. This way you can fully concentrate on running your business, without having to worry about the marketing bit for your business.  



Any business, whether big or small, can benefit from this feature. They can be any type of business that is looking to boost their sales. 

The following businesses can benefit from Facebook Pages:

—Local businesses 

—Retail brands 

—Event venues 

—Software as a service 


—Restaurants and bars 

—Retail brands 



Setting up a Facebook page is the easiest thing to do. Now, since we have a little knowledge about the Facebook Business Page, let’s discuss how you can create a page on Facebook. The steps for setting up your business page are discussed below. 

1. Register for a Facebook Business Page 

You must have an existing business account that you can use to create your Facebook page. This account would be associated with your Facebook Business Page. You can easily create a page by clicking on the CREATE button on your top right side of your desktop screen. Once that is done, you can choose the BUSINESS OR BRAND category for your page. 


2. Enter Your Business Details and Additional Details

This part lets you choose your page’s name; it should be the same as your business’s name so that your consumers can easily search for your page’s name. Once that is done, you can enter other details, such as contact details, details about your brand, company overview, etc. 


3. Upload Pictures 

You must upload your brand’s logo so that it is very easy for people to recognize your brand and connect with you. If your business does not have a logo, now is the right time to create a logo!


4. Add Additional Buttons

These buttons include the option to call, follow, and message.


5. Invite Others to Like and Share Your Page 

This is part of promoting your page on Facebook. All the friends on your account will get a notification when you use the option of INVITE FRIENDS. This is the first step of marketing your page. 

Once you have created a Facebook Business Page, you must post content regularly to help attract and engage with more customers. You can even assign roles to other people, such as your colleagues or your friends, to help run the page. The page you create must include all the details a consumer would be interested in knowing about your brand. 



This is a quick way of reaching out to your target audience. To avail of this option, you must have an active Facebook Page, and you can start advertising by using the Facebook Ads Manager. Facebook Ads work with Pay Per Click (PPC), which means businesses only pay based on the audience interactions. These interactions include clicking on the ad, playing a video in the ad, or starting a conversation. You can even place your Facebook ads on Instagram.

Facebook Ads can be placed in the following places:

—Facebook Search Results 

—Facebook and Instagram Sponsored Posts in Newsfeed

—Facebook and Instagram Stories 

—Facebook Videos In-Stream 

—Facebook Column Ads

—Facebook Sponsored Messenger Messages 

—Facebook Instant Articles 

—Facebook Marketplace 

—Facebook Audience Network 

You can start with an ad campaign by selecting MANAGE ADS from the top right corner of your desktop screen, and click on CREATE. From there, you will get a step-by-step guide regarding creating ads on Facebook. This is an effective way of marketing as businesses can target their audience easily. You can reach out to DigAptics for helping you with Facebook Ads.    



After your business page is active on Facebook, you must keep on posting content on Facebook to show you are active. Dead pages tend to lose followers and get low engagement rates. Even before you start with your page, you must pre-plan the content you will be posting online.

This is a tedious job and it is better to hire professionals for this, such as DigAptics, who are experienced in helping you to achieve your marketing goals without any hassle. 

Facebook gives you the option to post the following:

—Pictures with captions or posts 

—Videos with captions or posts 


—Going Live 

—Posts on-page and groups

You must post regular content on Facebook to get better engagement rates. It is noted that posts with an image or video attract more customers than usual. Furthermore, you can even use the correct hashtags to attract more traffic to your page.

Consumers will engage by liking, commenting, viewing, re-sharing your posts. They would even reach out to you via Facebook Messenger. You must rely upon your audience’s posts comments and messages.

To increase your likes on the page, you can conduct regular contests on your page that require users to re-share your posts on their timeline, allowing more people to view your page.

You must create content that targets your audience well. These are a few tactics that would help you to stand out more than your competitors.

If you’re looking for more ideas, you can even stalk your competitors’ page just to get an idea! P.S. it won’t be a good idea to copy off their marketing strategy as it is. You can make some variations to it.  



Facebook is not just a social networking platform, but a great platform for business too. It has a lot of benefits for businesses. Some of the benefits have been mentioned below: 

—Facebook is a well-known platform

This means it has a lot of active users on it, making your brand reachable to a wider audience. This increases your chances of finding your target audience.

—Facebook offers affordable marketing strategies 

Creating pages and groups is free. The cost of Facebook Ads is also very reasonable. 

—Improved SEO 

As Facebook is such a well-known platform, the chances of it showing up on search engines is pretty high. 

—Drive traffic to your website 

You can provide a link to your website on your Facebook page and in Facebook Ads. Users who click on it would reach the landing page of your website. 

—Get better insights into your marketing strategy 

Facebook provides you with insights, such as follower demographics, of your marketing strategy, to help you understand its results better. 

—Increased sales

Reaching out to a wider target audience, in the right way, would have a positive impact on your sales and ROI. 

Achieving these benefits is easy if the right approach is taken. It is always a good idea to hire a helping hand; somebody who is much more experienced than you in achieving these results.

DigAptics would be a good option that you can use for your brand. While they work hard on your marketing strategies, you can take a backseat and focus on your sales. 



Although there have been various social media platforms introduced in the past few years, such as Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, etc., Facebook still takes the lead in terms of the number of users. This is mostly because it is one of the first social media platforms that were created back in the day.

Almost everybody has a Facebook account, including the Gen Zs and people above 55, in addition to having accounts on other social media platforms. Hence, it is safe to say that Facebook would always remain as an effective marketing tool as it has been in the past.

Even if Facebook is not the main marketing tool for a business, it would be one of the marketing tools for a business. Getting a higher ROI and exponential growth, for your business, just from Facebook, seems to be a tad bit difficult. 



In this digital era, brands and businesses rely heavily on digital marketing for promoting their business. Therefore, marketing your brand on Facebook should be taken seriously. Small or big businesses, if they want to get optimal results from their marketing strategies, should consider hiring professionals for this job.

Somebody who is a marketing expert would be able to help you achieve your desired goals in a much shorter period, as compared to a rookie. Moreover, it could be a long and tedious process to create the right content for your target audience, whereas a marketer would be super fast at creating relevant content for your page.

They know the specific keywords and hashtags that can help generate traffic for your page. If you create content for your page that is not up to the mark and try to advertise it on Facebook, you might not be able to generate traffic for your page. This would mean a loss of time, effort, and money. 

Moreover, instead of wasting your time on the marketing aspect of your business, you should concentrate on sales and product quality. Hence, it is better to hire a marketer for marketing on Facebook.  

Since we are talking about marketing professionals here, DigAptics would be the perfect choice for your business’s marketing. The strategies they implement ensure that a higher ROI is achieved for your business.

They work closely with each client to understand what they are looking for and propose marketing strategies accordingly. They can work with businesses from all industries- from real estate to healthcare to restaurants. Contact them today to get a free estimate for their services.



When you use Facebook Ads to advertise your brand, Facebook would charge you a certain fee for doing so. There are various ways in which Facebook can charge you. These include: 

1. Cost Per Click (CPC)

By using this mode to pay, you will only pay Facebook when somebody clicks on your ad. This is a good option for those who are just starting. 

2. Cost Per Mille (CPM)

For every 1000 times, your ad is shown to people, you will pay Facebook.

3. Cost Per Action (CPA)

When a user visits your website after clicking on your ad, you would be charged by Facebook.

4. Cost Per Like (CPA)

After viewing your ad, if somebody likes your page, you would be entitled to pay to Facebook. 

The best thing about Facebook is that you can set your budget and bid to get the required result. You can choose your audience based on their demographics, such as age, gender, city, to get the maximum results for your marketing campaign. 

However, if you hire a professional marketer, the charges would be different. Hiring experts for the job will deliver results, but at a cost. They offer different pricing models for certain desired results. These price models have been discussed below. All marketing agencies, more or less, follow these payment models to manage your business accounts.

1. Fixed Price Model

This price model is based on the awareness created for your brand. It includes regular posts that are created by marketers to help increase traffic and followers for your page.

2. Complete Commission-Based Model 

In this price model, the traffic diverted to your page is used to convert and translate it to sales for your business. This can be commission-based. 

3. Hybrid Model

As the name suggests, this model is the amalgamation of the other two price models. 

Marketing agencies promise to deliver results in the form of increased followers and traffic, and a higher ROI. One way of calculating ROI is to embed a call button on posts to help monitor traffic and measure these conversions to get an exact value for the ROI.

Referring to Facebook as a marketing tool encompasses the baseline Facebook services and the services offered by various marketing agencies, including the different models discussed above.



With so many businesses relying on digital marketing, the competition has become very tough. For your business to stand out from the rest, it would be a good idea to hire marketing professionals.

Although Facebook is an old social media platform, it still has the highest number of users on it, making it an important platform. Even in the future, Facebook would continue to become an important marketing platform for businesses around the world. 


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