In a Digital Marketing setup, your team is key. Your vision could be great, your idea might have weight, but is your team at par with you? In order to ensure that your team is capable of delivering your vision, it is your responsibility to form a capable team.

But how to do that, how to ensure that the 5 member or 8 member team you have chosen will be able to cover the task. In fact, not just cover it but excel at it, making your business grow.

And so, we bring to you a step by step guide to create your own team for Digital Marketing. We will also explain to you their importance so that you know who to add and why.

First step, the Strategist

First, you need to hire a Strategist. Your marketing strategist is the top dog here. He/she will be the person at the top forming the big picture for your company’s direction. It is their task to create a trajectory with the help of strategies that lead towards your vision. This strategist will keep a lookout for marketing trends, utilize them or modify them to get target audience for your business and keep the rest of the department working according to those goals.

It is very important for them to understand your vision and internalize it because they are not only involved in planning but also overseeing. To find a candidate for this position, you can conduct behavioral interviews. Behavioral interview will work best here since you need to assess their past experience in leadership roles and how hey tackled problems.

Secondly, Design your website

Websites play a very important role in gathering your target audience. If your website is not able to retain your audience, you have potentially lost them regardless of your social media presence. So you have to make sure that your website is not only aesthetic but easy to navigate. Thus comes the issue of hiring a talented web designer. Once you land a web designer, you will see that his main objective will be to design a website that would limit the bounce rate.

When you hire for this position you will have to look for a team player since the retention of audience does not just depend on the look of the website. The content they see should be equally eye-catchy. Therefore, his work will be closely linked with your content writer.

That brings to our third addition of the team

Hire a creative! Content writing is a vast field that has recently provided numerous opportunities for many individuals. And while not all of them need to be creative to get their tasks done, it is important for you to get a creative individual. Someone who has vast imagination and a ton of online experience. While online experience makes them good at research, it also allows for a free flow of words on any topic. Coupled with imagination they can introduce your brand to new heights.

Remember, the content writer you choose and their chemistry with your web designer can make or break your brand.

The social media specialist

Congratulations, your content creator and web designer have set up the website with the CRO specialist and Graphic designer. Now comes the part where you have to direct your target audience towards it. For that you need social media specialists. Gone is the time when the Sudoku guy had to place his website link on The New York Times for free Sudoku. Now is the social media age which is not going away any time soon.

Facebook may be considered old school, Instagram for millennials, while Snapchat for GenZ, however, one thing’s for sure, you can use these mediums to direct traffic. But not every social media user can be your social media manager. Your social media manager or specialist needs to know what drives a particular forum in what way, what its trends are, and how to use the daily trends to attract them towards your social media platforms and eventually to your website.

Obviously, it is a given for them to know the tools to schedule posts because if they don’t, then my friend, they are no social media experts but your everyday Facebook users.


Obviously, there are many more positions you need to fill. For instance, you need to hire a Data Analyst, have the right influencers on board, and also have a programmer. But the above mentioned team is the core team you need for effective digital marketing operation.

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