Landing Page Optimization Can Help Boost Your Sales


An Overview Of Landing Pages

Landing pages are considered to be an integral part of your online marketing strategies for organizations and businesses of all sizes.

A landing page can be defined as a web page that has been created for marketing, encouraging the visitor to take some CTA (Call To Action). A well-designed and optimized landing page will help you to achieve your sales target rapidly.

There is a lot of misconception about landing pages. The home page of your website, by most marketers, is not labeled as a landing page.

This is because the home page of any website is designed with the intent of being an introductory page for the visitors, without any CTA in mind.

Thus, a page that encourages the visitor to take some type of action, such as calling, is referred to as a landing page.


The Relationship Between Declining Ecommerce Sales And Landing Pages

You could be experiencing a decline in your ecommerce sales due to various reasons.

It could be due to a new competitor in the market who is offering the same products and services as yours at a much cheaper rate, or your marketing team is not creating effective marketing strategies for your business.

However, these reasons do not mean that your business is over; you can tweak up your marketing strategies to help divert more traffic to your website, and eventually a higher volume of sales.

If your website is very basic and boring, chances are that your sales would be declining. With the help of the right marketers who can help optimize your landing pages, you can boost up your sales.


Using Landing Pages

Now since you have some knowledge about landing pages, let’s discuss how you can put them to good use.


You can use landing pages for the following activities:


–Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising or PPC, as it is generally referred to, is a type of marketing strategy that requires the business to pay the search engines, every time someone clicks on their ad.

It is not just limited to search engines; these ads can also be displayed on other related websites, including social media platforms.

If you opt for the PPC strategy, you surely need to optimize your landing pages, otherwise, the whole purpose of the PPC strategy is defeated.

Let’s say that you run a shoe business and have advertised the latest pair of sneakers from your collection. If somebody is intrigued by your ad and would like to purchase those sneakers, they would end up clicking on that ad.

The buyer would expect to land on the add to cart page as he has already made up his mind to purchase the sneakers.

If the buyer does not land on that page and instead lands on the home page, the chances of the buyer closing the tab are pretty high as he would not go through the whole collection to find that pair of sneakers.


–Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms, too, can be used as ecommerce platforms. Your landing pages can be used on social media platforms to help direct more traffic to your website, in an attempt to boost sales.

Visitors can be pushed to your website by providing them with certain incentives, such as exclusive sales or content, or discount codes, etc. in exchange for their information.

The information they provide, you can use it to inform them of any updates and events in the future, making them a part of your buying cycle.


–Email Marketing

For the details the visitors provide you, you can use their email address to send them regular updates, exclusive offers, and other relevant details. For all the details you provide, you must use a landing page.



Optimizing Your Landing Pages

To encourage the visitor to take some action, you must implement the following:


1. Limit The Text

The best approach is to limit the clutter on the page and keep it short and simple. The text should be in short bullet points and should show the main purpose of the page, i.e. CTA. The page should emphasize the CTA, offering value to the customers.


2. Use High-Quality Images or Videos

Although you have limited space, using high-quality images and videos on your landing page that encourage the visitor to take action can be beneficial for your business. These could be videos or pictures of celebrity endorsements, customer reviews, or even media recognition.


3. Placement of the CTA

It is generally seen that if the CTA is placed on top of the page, above the fold, it has a better conversion rate. This is because it attracts the users right away.


4. The CTA Must Be Clear

The CTA should be visible on your landing page so that it can catch the attention of the visitor.  You can add several CTA buttons for the same CTA on the page.


Final Thoughts

It is a very frustrating situation when you get to see your ecommerce sales declining. However, if you optimize your landing pages, your sales could improve significantly.

Finding the right marketers for this job can be a daunting task.

If you are looking for well-experienced and professional marketers, then you must consider DigAptics, who provide their clients with all web solutions for their businesses.

Contact a team membertoday to discuss all your landing pages needs.

Improving your landing pages will eventually help you in generating a higher sales volume and in getting a higher Return On Investment (ROI).

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