The FAQ Page Is An Important Part Of Your Online Store 

An Overview Of FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs, as they are generally referred to as are an integral section or page of any ecommerce website. As the name suggests, these are those questions that are most asked by the users during their online shopping experience.

To help speed up the process, brands and companies list down the most commonly and frequently asked questions in one place. The FAQs section of a website provides the users with all the relevant information to help facilitate their online shopping experience.


The Importance Of Building An FAQ Page For Your Online Store  

Due to COVID-19, a major drift has been seen in the business world. There has been a decline in brick-and-mortar locations and a tremendous increase in online stores. The uncertainty of this global pandemic has forced numerous businesses to shut down their physical locations and switch to ecommerce.

This change was not just for business owners; it was also for customers. Customers who were not comfortable with online shopping were forced to shop online due to the recent situation. 

Since countless new online customers have been pulled into the ecommerce world, these customers need to be guided thoroughly for a smooth shopping experience on your online store. This is where the FAQ page comes in handy for the customers.

Although almost all online stores offer help to their customers via email, chatbots, and calls, referring to the FAQ page helps to speed up the whole shopping experience for the customers. 

Moreover, it is not just about saving your precious time; the FAQ page also helps to reduce or minimize human interaction altogether.

Some customers are not comfortable interacting with sales representatives, therefore, having a detailed and optimized FAQ page will be of great help to such customers. 

Having a detailed FAQ page for your website helps to show your customers that you have put in a lot of time and effort in facilitating the online shopping experience of your customers.

It is a great way to make your customers feel important, which could lead to having loyal customers for your brand. 


Building The Most Effective FAQ Page For Your Online Store 

Running an online store means that your customers will mostly have questions related to the following broad categories: 

  • —Order placement  
  • —Payment methods 
  • —Shipping 
  • —Returns and exchange
  • —Delivery 
  • —Loyalty program  

One thing you must keep in mind is that you must not build an FAQ page and forget about it; instead, you must monitor the queries and questions you receive via email, calls, messages, social media, etc. and you must add and update your FAQ page.

This would be of great help to your new and returning customers, in case they get stuck during their online shopping experience.  

Now since you know the importance of having an optimized FAQ page for your online store, we can dive into some effective ways of creating an FAQ page: 

1. Monitor the questions asked by your customers 

To keep your FAQ page updated, you must closely monitor the questions that are asked by your customers during their shopping experience with your store.

Customers usually approach your customer care team via emails, social media, chatbots, etc. These questions must be added to your FAQ page to help facilitate your potential customers. 


2. Layout and navigation  

The layout of your FAQ page matters a lot- presentation plays an important role. Since the customers are already so stressed out and are looking for answers, you should split your questions into relevant categories.

Adding visuals with the categories can help to make this experience for customers a pleasant one. The customers can choose the relevant category and get answers to their questions right away.

Since each category can have numerous questions, so to help speed up the searching process for customers, you can add a search bar. This search bar can help customers to search for specific queries within seconds.

Since you have created the FAQ page to help your customers, it must be easily discoverable by them. Generally, the customers are used to finding the FAQ page in the footer area of a website, you too must follow the same format.


3. Answers to the questions 

Since the purpose of the FAQ page is to simplify the process of online shopping for customers who are experiencing some trouble, therefore, the answers provided must be clear and concise.

This helps to gain the trust of customers and they gain confidence in the help you are providing them- they feel they can rely on you.  


4. Internal linking 

Writing answers for FAQs is a tedious task. If you have separate pages for specific topics, then you can use their links and insert them into the FAQ section of your website.

This would help to save up on space and time as you would not have to write the same long answer again. Internal linking is also a great practice from the perspective of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 


Some Common FAQs For Your Online Store 

As mentioned earlier, usually, the FAQ section provides information regarding a few general categories. Some common FAQs for these categories can contain, but are not limited to, the following questions are: 

1. Order placement 

    • —Cancelling or editing the order 

2. Payment methods 

    • —Payment options are available 
    • —Payment issues 
    • —Gift cards 
    • —Promotions and discount codes  

3. Delivery 

    • —Tracking your order 
    • —Delivery options and times 
    • —Missing items from an order 
    • —Received faulty items 
    • —Received incorrect items 
    • —Package not received 

4. Shipping 

    • —Shipping options 
    • —Shipping charges 
    • —Tracking details 

5. Returns, exchange, and refunds 

    • —Process of returning 
    • —Refund process 
    • —Return policy 

6. Loyalty Programs 

    • —Using loyalty points 
    • —Missing loyalty points 
    • —Inaccurate points seen 


Creating the best and most user-friendly website can be a challenging task, and it should be left for professionals to work their magic. If you are considering hiring professionals for your website designing and FAQ page, you must consider DigAptics.

They provide technical solutions for all your technical needs, including website development with an effective FAQ page. Contact them today to discuss your needs with a team member. 


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