Brand evangelists are loyal customers or fans of your brand, who just do not shop, but also brag about your brand in front of others. They cannot even think of purchasing from your competitors, but instead, they purchase from your brand only and encourage others to do so. They even follow your brand on all social media platforms and engage with the content you post.

Some of you might think that why should I strive to transform my usual audience into my brand evangelists? To explain this, let’s talk about a friend of yours who is very satisfied with her blue detergent by the brand XYZ. She is very happy with it and she even follows and interacts with the brand XYZ on all social media platforms. When you ask her for recommendations, she will, without any doubt, recommend the blue detergent by the brand XYZ, and discourage you from using any other brand. There are very high chances of you buying that detergent as it has been recommended to you by somebody whom you know. Then, if somebody else asks you for a recommendation, you too will recommend the same detergent.

So what your friend did was for the brand XYZ is that she did their marketing and convinced you that this brand is the best, based on her experience with their product. Thus, having satisfied customers, who are brand evangelists, is even better than having successful marketing campaigns. While looking for product recommendations, word-of-mouth reviews have a higher weightage than your marketing strategies. This is just one example; now imagine having numerous customers who are your brand evangelists- how successful would your brand be!


By the above example, you must be excited to know how you can transform your regular followers into brand evangelists. One rule you must keep in mind while doing business: your customer should always come first. You must listen to them, engage with them, and give them the importance they are looking for since they pay to purchase your products.

The following strategies can help you in creating brand evangelists:

1. Always keep your customer’s interests in mind

The main reason why a customer would be interested in purchasing your product is that it gets the job done, and it is good value for money. However, recently, customers have started to opt for environmentally safe products. Therefore, you must advertise how your product cares for the environment. This would be a huge selling point to get brand evangelists.

2. The content you post on social media

The content you post must be engaging, interesting, and fun. This includes running challenges, contests, etc. Even posting content regarding current affairs is a great way to engage with your followers. People who engage with you daily will become your brand evangelists.

3. Post content created by your followers

If you run contests on your page, such as a picture contest, you can encourage your followers to take part in them. Your followers can post their pictures on your page and get featured. Conducting regular contests will encourage your followers to take part in them every time, making them your regular contestants.

4. Respond to your customers

Customers will leave feedback on your social media pages. Whether positive or negative, you must acknowledge and reply to their feedback comments, posts, messages, emails, and calls in a professional way. The response time should be quick to help ensure the customer that their feedback is important for you.

5. Your customer service team

Since this team represents your brand, they must be adequately trained to deal with all sorts of customers with politeness. They should be fully aware of all policies and must be able to sort all issues of the customers. Easy refunding or giving complementary products to customers should be common. Customers term this as a good gesture.

6. Make processes simple

Signing up for an account, navigating on your website, or contacting the customer service team should be hassle-free for the customers.

7. Spy on your competitors

Spy on your competitors and take inspiration (not steal) from them. See what type of content they are posting and how they are interacting with their customers. There is no harm in taking inspiration and making your brand better.

8. Brand loyalty programs

Brand loyalty programs provide an incentive to the customers for purchasing your products. If you provide them with good incentives, they will become your brand evangelists.

9. Send personal messages

Instead of sending the same message to all your customers, you can mention their names and make them feel special. Even sending birthday wishes and discounts is a great way to attract more people and make them loyal to your brand.

10. Collaborating with celebrities and influencers

These days it is all about celebrities and influencers marketing products. If you collaborate with a customer’s favorite celebrity, chances of the customer being loyal to your brand are pretty high. Celebrity endorsements play an integral role in creating brand evangelists.


With the implementation of a few strategies, you can create a big number of brand evangelists for your brand. Brand evangelists are usually able to create a greater impact on others than your marketing campaigns. However, creating brand evangelists might be a bit of a challenge for some brands. Therefore, relying on the right marketing experts will help you to target your audience in the right way to transform them into brand evangelists. One such team of marketing experts is DigAptics, who will help you to achieve your desired goals in no time. Contact them today to discuss how you can transform your audience to brand evangelists with the right strategies.



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