Due to the recent change in the dynamics of all businesses, due to COVID-19, most businesses have shifted to ecommerce platforms. There is tough competition on these platforms, as well as generally in the digital era, which has caused businesses to strive to do their best to stand out. Marketing is your business’s best friend that would help your business to stand out from the rest. With marketing, you can get better brand visibility and create better awareness for yourself. There are various marketing skills that you can implement to get the desired results.

However, if you are new to this digital era, and are struggling with marketing strategies, then you must reach out to marketing professionals. By doing so, you will be guaranteed to see positive results for your business. One such dedicated team of professionals is DigAptics, who understand the goals of their clients and deliver the promised results. While you concentrate on the running of the business, DigAptics can look after the marketing needs of your business.


Marketing online has evolved; it has now become a lot easier than before. However, there are certain misconceptions or myths regarding marketing your business online that you must not believe in for the success of your business. A few of the myths have been addressed below.

Myth # 1:

You Do Not Need To Have Your Website

This is not true. Having your website is important as it gives a very professional look and will get you more clicks since customers think it is more authentic. Furthermore, on your website, you can even add a blog, that will allow you to add more keywords to your website. This will allow your website to show up in the top 10 results of a search engine. This is a good SEO practice.

Myth # 2:

SEO Is A One-Time Thing

This is rubbish! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a one-time thing; in fact, it is an ongoing process. Your SEO skills have to be updated frequently to ensure that your website shows up within the top results of a search engine. New websites are created every day that work on their SEO seriously. If you do not update it frequently, your website will lose its traffic by falling in the search results.

Myth # 3:

You Do Not Have To Optimise Your Website For Mobile Devices

Yes, you do need to optimize your website for mobile devices. Since most of us, our glued to our mobile devices, your website should be compatible with mobile devices to help provide your customers the same experience. If all the features of your website are not available on mobile devices, it will ruin the experience for your customers. It will cause them to be frustrated and close the tab altogether, resulting in a loss for you. Hence, your website must provide all the features on mobile devices too.

Myth # 4:

Your Website Traffic Determines Your Success

You need to debunk this myth. Your website traffic does not determine the success of your business; the actions taken determine the success of your business. You might get better brand visibility and awareness, but if you do not get any sales then it is useless. Even if you get less traffic to your website, but it is from your target audience, then your business will be successful.

Myth # 5:

Tracking The Success Of Your Business Is Difficult

If somebody is spending so much time and effort on marketing their business online, they would want to see results that they can measure. In the past, yes, it was difficult to track the success of your marketing campaigns and measuring the ROI (Return On Investment), but not anymore. With the evolution of the digital era, more tools and software are available to easily monitor these readings. Even social media platforms provide business accounts with analytics to monitor the success of your marketing campaign.

Myth # 6:

Any Negative Comments Will Mean The End Of The World For You

No, that is not the case. Every business has been a target of negative reviews and comments. It is a part and parcel of the business world; not everybody you serve would be a happy customer. However, the approach you take towards this negativity is very important. You must listen to what the customer has to say and take it positively and try to take it as a suggestion.

Myth # 7:

You Do Not Have To Update And Post Content Regularly

You do! You should keep your website and your social media pages up-to-date. You must post regular blogs on your website, and update any content that needs to be updated regularly. This may include privacy terms, contact details, and product lists. Creating a website and social media pages is just not enough; you should update and post content regularly.

Myth # 8:

Email Marketing Is Dead

Email marketing is pretty much there and now it has been updated into a drip-email campaign. This is believed to have better results than a regular email marketing campaign. It is a good way to interact with your old and new customers. The response rate for the drip email campaign is much more positive.

Myth # 9:

Social Media Marketing Is Free

We wish it was! Showcasing your ads on various platforms will cost you some money. That is how social media platforms earn: by showcasing ads. These platforms do not charge for creating an account or profile, but they do charge for showcasing your posts and profile to your target market. The good news is that they offer something that suits every budget; you do not have to fret about the budget.

Myth # 10

Just Follow What Other Brands Are Doing

Please don’t! You must make use of social media platforms and start with a unique, never seen before marketing campaign- think out of the box. Something unique and different will surely help to grasp the attention of your target market. Instead of following what others are doing, you must come up with new marketing ideas and be a trendsetter.


With so much competition between businesses, you must think out of the box for great marketing ideas for your campaign. Businesses usually struggle with creating and posting regular content on their website and social media accounts, therefore, you must not shy away from asking for the professional help from DigAptics. Having a strong digital presence would be very beneficial for your business.


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