Business-To-Business, or B2B, for short, is a type of business model that helps in increasing the value of the final product. Negotiations and transactions take place between two businesses, such as a manufacturer and wholesaler, or a wholesaler and retailer. A classic example of the B2B business model is an automobile manufacturing company. To produce the final product, they purchase material from other companies, such as a tire manufacturer, to produce the final product, the vehicle. When this vehicle goes to the showroom and is purchased by a consumer, then it is known as B2C (Business-To-Consumer).

The B2B business world is a lot smaller than the B2C world. However, this does not mean that analyzing your B2B business is not necessary; in fact, it is extremely essential in running an optimized business. The purpose of business analytics in B2B is to get a better picture of the approach taken by the business to promote themselves and to get a higher Return On Investment (ROI).


Business analytics are tools that are used in the analysis and visualization of data related to your business. Data is extracted from various sources such as customer support, ERP, project management system, and other databases, that is then presented in the form of charts, graphs, and other visualizations. Business analytics can be software or tools to help monitor the progress of your business, including sales and marketing.

For business analytics to have a positive impact on your business, you should have certain goals set that you would want to achieve. This would give your team a direction to work towards. Moreover, the data collection should be as accurate as possible to help yield the most results from the business analytics. Once all data is collected, it should be monitored closely to understand what changes are needed for a higher ROI.


Business analytics should never be overlooked. It is very important for monitoring the progress of your business in the B2B world in real-time. Business analytics are important for the following reasons:

1. Helps in the optimization of various business processes

By finding out the progress of your business, you can work on the areas that are lacking, and by doing so, your business would be optimized. Optimization of your business helps to ensure that your business is working within its full capacity, producing maximum benefits. A fully optimized business helps to ensure a higher ROI.

2. Keep up with your competitors

With business analytics, you can monitor the progress of your business in real-time. At any given time, if you feel your business is not doing well, as compared to your competitors, you can tweak up various processes, including marketing, to get the desired results. You will always stay at the top of your game if you take business analysis seriously. Although the B2B market is small, there still is some competition.

3. Improve your marketing game

With so much competition in the market, B2B businesses have started to rely heavily on marketing to help beat their competitors. With marketing, you can increase your business’s visibility and engagement with potential clients. You can implement various marketing strategies, that you can monitor to study their results. With better marketing skills, you can attract more clients, which will eventually help you in getting a higher ROI. Business analytics are very important for monitoring the progress of your email and social media marketing strategies.

4. Plan and predict results based on previous performances

This helps in giving you an insight into how your business will progress and respond to certain changes and improvements. It can even provide an insight into the customer’s buying patterns. It also helps in achieving goals set by the team realistically.


Using business analytics is just not enough; the data must be monitored vigilantly to understand what changes will be beneficial for the company. These factors will help you understand the results of your business analysis well, and you would be able to make the most of it.

1. Try to find the hindrances that you face and try to work around them

If you feel your business is lacking in marketing strategies, then you must work to fix this issue by relying more on social media. This means that you are expected to be more active on social media and interact with your potential clients. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are the most important social media platforms for B2B businesses. Then, you should opt for business analytics to see the improvement in your sales after launching social media campaigns.

2. Work closely with your sales team to understand the data

The results you get from the analytics, you must discuss with your sales team to understand how a certain change has impacted your sales. If there is a positive impact on your sales, it means that your business is moving in the right direction. If there is no change in your sales, then you would have to make changes to your strategies to achieve the desired goals.

3. Opt for easy to use tools and software

The simpler the user interface, the more comfortable your team would be in using them and relying on them. Let’s be honest- nobody likes to learn how to use new software or complicated tools.

4. Social media

Various social media platforms have built-in analytic tools for monitoring your social media campaigns. This gives you a better insight into how the general public is reacting to your content. These days, social media has become an integral way of assessing a business’s success, therefore, extra efforts must be made to keep your pages up to date.

5. Your website

Business analytics would also give you the insight about the actions taken on your website, such as the using the call feature.


The main aim of every business is to get a higher ROI. This is only possible if you work closely with your sales and marketing teams to understand the results of your business analytics. You must also be fully aware of your target market and you must also know what is lacking in the B2B market; what are clients looking for. Another thing to keep in mind is that the marketing strategies should be such that they provide a lot of facts and figures about your business and products.

For business analysis, customer data, the results of social media campaigns, and web analytics are very important. However, having all the data in one place makes it easy to monitor it. DigAptics has all the solutions for monitoring your B2B business for a higher ROI. Contact them today to discuss the future of your B2B business.


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