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The Benefits of Using Stock Footage in Your Videos

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Ever shot a film and noticed that something is missing or more footage could be added to create a more meaningful film? This is where stock footage comes in and plays its part. It fills the empty spaces in your film and brings in shots that you would never be able to capture yourself. From darkened and thunderous skies, actors acting in an office and attending a business meeting to the recreation of historical scenes, helping you fill the emptiness in your video they can be integrated into any video without any hassle.

What exactly is stock footage?
Stock footage or Short clips that can show a generalized idea and can be integrated into almost any sort of video is what stock footage is. It is important to note that these videos are not confined only to a specific topic, but rather complex to easy shots covering natural calamities like hurricanes to downtown city shots each of these is available under a license that is free of royalty or managed by authorized personals can easily be downloaded and purchased.

Utilizing stock footage:

Stock footage can be used in several different places and in many different ways. However, we’d suggest using it as a b-roll. Situations where a scene is guided by a narrator or where a stage is set are the best examples of where one could use stock footage. Stock footage could provide visual clues that aren’t necessarily distinctive to your business when the movie focuses on a specific topic and includes a narration expressing an important concept. An example could be children playing that is not related to your business and could be shot anywhere. Introductions, endings, and visuals on the homepage are where they can be used as well.

Drastically reduced production costs
Over the years, a lot of money has been spent on shooting a particular scene which includes hiring a photographer as well as renting a location. Stock footage has made it simple in terms where the cost of only buying and downloading stock clips is required, hence a drastic reduction in costs.
The fact that stock clips can be used in multiple productions and are generally generic implies that, if the clip is used frequently, the download fees will be recouped. Making use of royalty-free stock video clips is yet another method to cut costs. With a royalty-free license, consumers can access and use that clip for as long as they want for just a single, one-time cost.

What’s better than the time saved?
With technology, the world has evolved and so has people’s tolerance to wait and invest time and things that can easily be done on one’s fingerprints. Waiting for the crew to arrive, prepare a setup, and then further the editing process is a hassle. This precious time can be invested in other tasks hence improving the post-filming process. Filmmakers can get rapid gratification from stock footage because, in most cases, the video snippets are immediately available for download. Filmmakers will also find themselves saving a significant amount of production time if the stock video clips seamlessly blend into the overall story, eliminating the need to travel to locations to capture necessary scenes.

Create a story without a hassle
Let’s say you were supposed to film a scene on a rainy day but the actor gets sick the very day and there happens to be no forecast of rain in the near future, stock footage comes in handy at this moment and helps the filmmaker fill in the gap to keep the flow of the story. With numerous stock clips, the filmmaker can easily make a choice of what suits them best. Stock clips also include a plethora of closeup clips that may be difficult to shoot or not in the budget of the filmmaker.

HD quality promised
With the current generation no matter how beautifully acted or presented the movie must be, if it lacks the appropriate pixels you’ve missed the target. To grab the attention of the audience HD quality plays a promising role. The photographers or filmmakers when choosing clips from stock clips need not worry about the quality as Stock Footage provides high definition quality also available in 2k and 4k resolutions. Filmmakers can easily merge these clips within their footage. There are also options available to downgrade footage if required.

Go back into history without difficulty

Most of the time the movies shot have references to some events from the past, which of course takes a gruesome amount of time to shoot as well as lots of money wasted to dress actors in a certain way and to create the backgrounds as that of ancient times. Stock Footage makes it possible to land into history without taking the pain of losing any penny. All you have to do is attach a clip to your movie and voila your flow is maintained. Whether it’s a scene from World War II some presidential speeches, or be it any news coverage you’ve been covered because Stock Footage has it all.

Another advantage of using Stock Footage is that filmmakers need not hop onto a plane each time to shoot footage of places or countries mentioned in the film instead it can easily be exaggerated using stock clips which reduces the cost of filmmaking. How often have we heard of people capturing wildlife in jungles except for that in national geographic channels, as this requires a person to be thoroughly trained in dealing with animals as well as patient waiting for the animal to perform a certain task required to be shot? Modern filmmakers play it smart and take clips from stock clips which makes their task easier.
Stock footage provides clips that can easily be incorporated into any movie to create a flow having a great hand in adjusting the quality and choosing clips that come in handy to the filmmakers saving both money as well as time.


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