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Twitter-Chirping Bird That Took Marketing By Storm

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What Is Twitter?
Talking about the value of Twitter with some social media-savvy business leaders might be like talking about the value of breathing. Twitter has evolved into a platform for huge corporations like Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Victoria’s Secret in addition to individuals and celebrities. Yet, the Twitter chirping bird appeal extends beyond the widespread visibility it gives users and businesses. It also serves as a listening tool and a way to foster community.

Twitter: Why Is It Important?
When faced with the abundance of social media options available on the Internet, business communities frequently ask themselves, “Do I really need that? Not every business gains the same advantages from every social media platform. Twitter is crucial for a company trying to increase its social media presence. For instance, retweeting and lists reach potential customers much more broadly than your typical marketing strategies. When your fans spread the word about you, their followers will consider any references to your business to be reliable. Your business gains trust as a result, and previously unreachable audiences are exposed to your message.


Since consumers and customers are active Twitter users and likely to subscribe to a feed, Twitter has become vital for many organizations. Use the “Find Friends” search on the “Discover” page to look up your most valuable clients on Twitter. Your business will benefit from regular usage of Twitter if a number of your well-known clients are on the platform. Twitter gives you another way to strengthen the bond and communication chances between you and your key clients if you update your feed frequently, respond to direct messages and tweets addressed to your business, and follow and comment on the Tweets of your clients. Moreover, keep in mind that there is a significant likelihood that other businesses in your target market also use Twitter if your existing top clientele does. You might be able to connect with them by creating a solid and well-liked Twitter account.

Actual Time
You can communicate with your followers on Twitter in a manner that is extremely near to real-time. Your updates are immediately pushed to your Twitter feed, where they are immediately visible to anyone who routinely reads feeds. This is a useful tool for giving real-time coverage of events, promotions, or breaking news regarding your company. This can provide you an advantage in a cutthroat market if your company operates in a fast-paced sector where being the first to market is advantageous. You can continue this real-time connection wherever you are thanks to the simplicity of Tweeting from practically every mobile device.

In-Motion Reaction
Twitter is a useful tool for both communication and broadcasting. Your email list or website can be used to provide material directly to your audience. You may get immediate feedback from customers and future clients thanks to Twitter, which facilitates and encourages dialogue between various parties on a public platform. Twitter promotes openness and accountability in communications since all users can see what is said. Businesses that consistently exhibit these qualities will see a stronger increase in client brand loyalty. Twitter communications also quickly reached a sizable population.

Moving traffic
You should drive as much traffic as you can to your website if you sell goods or services there directly or if your business model depends on customers visiting the site. Twitter can be a useful weapon in your arsenal of traffic-generating techniques by spreading the site link throughout the Twitterverse and varying the content. Using Twitter will help bring spikes in visitors after posting content that is worth Tweeting about, such as the addition of a new product or service.

In January 2023, advertisers could reach 556.0 million people on Twitter(a), making it 14th among the most ‘active’ social media sites in the world. Additionally, information made available via the business’s self-service advertising tools demonstrates that Twitter’s potential advertising reach has increased steadily over the last three months. In the three months before January 2023, the total number of users that advertisers can reach with Twitter ads climbed by over 12 million (+2.1%). According to the most recent statistics, 6.9% of the world’s population currently uses Twitter. However, Twitter’s “eligible” use percentage will probably be greater than these numbers indicate because the business only allows users 13 and older to use its site.

You must comprehend the demographic makeup of Twitter’s user base if you want to increase your chances of connecting with your target audience there. Teenagers are the least likely to use it, while those between the ages of 25 and 34 are its biggest fans. Individuals in this age group are also the most engaged on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

The fact that one-third of Twitter users have a college degree and earn over $75,000 a year highlights the platform’s highly educated and well-off user base. The United States, Japan, and India are the top three Twitter-using nations.

The majority of Twitter users are vocal about their opinions of the service. They have expressed worries in recent months over platform bugs, novel features, privacy, and suggested paywalls. There are many different ways to advertise on Twitter, including through trending topics, accounts, and promoted Tweets (as this example demonstrates). To keep up with changing customer expectations and tastes, the platform tries to release new, highly effective ad types on a regular basis.

Due to large corporations pausing their advertising campaigns on Twitter in late 2022 and early 2023, the platform’s advertising revenue suffered. In the end, it’s too soon to say how this will affect Twitter advertising in the long run, but it does provide businesses a chance to innovate and experiment in the meantime. According to Twitter, its ad view time is 26% higher than that of other top platforms.

Twitter is enticing businesses to reinvest in the platform with offers like cheap ads and the ability to advertise cannabis.

Brand Integrity
Twitter interaction has allowed companies to build more human, honest brands.

Real-time Interaction
One may argue that Twitter was the first real-time marketing platform. No significant live event these days goes by without companies and marketers attempting to profit from it.

Cultural Transitions
Twitter has made it possible to change culture for the better. The business highlights recent campaigns including #BlackLivesMatter and #SpeakBeautiful, which aired during the 2015 Oscars.

Fresh Content Producers
Twitter has given content producers a forum to use their creativity in ways that weren’t before feasible. The business cites General Electric’s 6-second Vine videos as an illustration of how companies are producing entirely new kinds of content.

Customize the Content

Via a real-time platform like Twitter, brands, and companies can produce more tailored content. The business cites numerous companies that have responded to a particular customer’s query with handwritten notes or videos delivered to their followers.

A multi-screen environment
Twitter emphasizes how it has evolved into a companion app for TV viewers, which has increased ad retention.

Video Live
We are no longer confined to 30-second films because Twitter purchased Periscope. Now that we can stream live video for however long we want, many brands have benefited from this.

What else needs to be said? There might never have been a hashtag in the absence of Twitter. They are now practically used by all social networks, making them omnipresent.


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