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Harnessing the Power of Mobile Marketing for Ecommerce

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Mobile marketing:
To understand mobile marketing, think of it as a tree that covers a collection of related terms and concepts together. These terms may be marketing procedures, strategies, and tools; each covering a different aspect. However, these terms are united by one main goal which is to target the target audience. To give you a clearer idea you may understand mobile marketing as a way to engage or interact with your target audience through SMS, mobile application notifications, social media advertisements, buzzing of emails, etc while they’re using their cellphones. Always bear in mind that the approach you’re incorporating should be an omnichannel strategy. The importance of mobile marketing has increased over the past few years and is expected to grow more, driven by the widespread use of smartphones which can easily be found in every other home. According to research people spend an average of three hours and 15 minutes on their mobile phones each day.

Importance of mobile marketing:
As we’ve noticed because of these portable handheld devices which we commonly refer to as mobile phones, the use of desktop computers has decreased. From making reservations at a restaurant to paying bills to scheduling an appointment we’re always constantly using our phones for our day-to-day activities. According to research conducted by Statista,56% of search engine traffic was from smartphones during the first few months of 2020. This gives us an idea of how important mobile marketing is. Furthermore, this also indicates that one should pay extra attention to mobile search engine optimization for small and medium-sized businesses having an online presence.

Strategies for mobile marketing:
Following are the strategies that one can use for the ultimate success of your mobile marketing campaign:

Content specially designed keeping mobile users in mind:
When you run an ecommerce business the most crucial aspect to consider is your website. It should be well constructed and optimized as it acts as a medium between your customers and you. Moreover, half of your business is dependent on your website. Therefore, an important strategy to consider for mobile marketing is to make sure your website and the content included in it is user friendly. A user’s experience from entering your website to adding products in the cart to checkout should be so smooth and seamless that the customer becomes satisfied. Apart from this, the website should also meet the requirements of being mobile friendly i.e. it should fit accurately on the size of any mobile device used. It should also not take much time to load and should not show any errors when viewed on multiple devices. All these factors are equally important and equal importance should be given to each.

Adaptability of voice search:
In recent years the use of voice search has grown rapidly. This could also be seen in our day-to-day activities, for a detailed message instead of typing we usually opt for voice notes, to search for something when we are busy working voice search is always ready to assist us. It is expected for voice search to grow more in the upcoming years so you can include voice search in your website which would not only give tough competition to your competitors but also would aid in finding customers their desired product. This would additionally take extra effort as you’d have to look for long tail keywords that people would say into their phones rather than typing like “Where can I find the best dress for my prom?”

Text messages:
Mobile phones offer a lot of advantages but one core advantage due to which they became popular is because they were able to connect people from different cultures and different backgrounds via the internet. However, not only through calls there are other modes of communication that a mobile phone offers. Of these modes, texting is an example. SMS or texting is also an excellent way for e-commerce to grow.

Short video marketing:
Mobile users tend to watch videos more than ever as they’re always scrolling through their social media accounts. They have a huge impact in motivating the customers to purchase a desired product. Teachers usually show videos regarding complex explanations to give a better understanding to students. This is because human beings can remember what they watch in a video. According to research, 85% of millennials say that watching marketing videos regarding a specific product has pushed them to make a purchase. Numerous options are available for incorporating videos into your mobile marketing strategy. Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube ads or tutorials posted on your website are well-known examples.

Versions of ads:
An important strategy to consider when it comes to mobile marketing is the use of search and display ads. It is essential to understand the circumstances as to when and where these ads should be employed. Merits and demerits are offered by both versions of advertisements. Display ads are most commonly used for introducing your brand by featuring products you sell at places where you could find potential customers. For instance, a person who’s reading a blog on interior design may be recommended different types of furniture by these display ads. In contrast, search ads play a different role. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is part of these search ads. Like display ads are used for advertising and promoting your brand these search ads also play a crucial role and are deemed to be excellent in attracting traffic and targeted consumers. A seamless PPC advertising increases the traffic to your website and additionally enhances the overall conversation rates.

The need for a robust mobile marketing strategy is no more a choice, it’s important and should be considered important because of how everything is now shifted to online. Businesses are shifting to e-commerce as they have realized this is the main spot for finding customers and generating more sales than ever. Optimizing your website for mobile marketing may seem hard but trust us it’s a piece of cake. Without any further delay contact DigAptics for your marketing solutions.


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