With the pandemic taking over the world, we have seen businesses adapt to the new normal after first stumbling a little. Marketers had to adjust as well. With lockdowns they had to make use of digital platforms more compared to pre-Covid times. And with increasing marketer involvement, Digital Marketing got a makeover. Let’s see what happened.

Toilet paper shortage

I do not think we will be forgetting this any time soon. The frenzy people fell in and the chaos that erupted will remain fresh in everyone’s mind. But that was the start of the lockdown when people were scared. They wanted to be prepared. So they ordered everything they would need; from tech products to gym equipment.

Retailers went out of stock. This surprised the retailers who were basically running on on-demand inventory model. Following this, the retailers are now moving away from this model, especially considering the expected second coronavirus wave. Not to forget the online shopping stores that became all the hype since people could continue shopping from the safety of their homes.

Psychology, one scary business if done right

What is loss-aversion psychology? It is the mindset which feels unease until it knows it has avoided all the known losses. The idea that we should avoid losses is stronger than something’s acquisition. Are you getting the flow here?

See, with the advent of this pandemic, the toilet paper also went away. Why? People were scared they would lose it. Digital Marketers know it too. So now you will see it being employed ubiquitously across all platform in the post-Covid times.

Myths, cures, skeptics

Amidst, COVID pandemic various myths were escalating through various social media platforms. People would get PHDs from the respected WhatsApp universities as they were jokingly called. And they would try to do practical of those myths in hopes of COVID cures on themselves, and sometime their families. As expected those homemade remedies didn’t work out leading to consumers becoming skeptical.

Time went on, people started to not trust these myths. The digital marketers picked on that too. And now the marketers should and will take approaches that are more relatable to this increasingly skeptical public.

Quality over Price – All the way

People really don’t care about low price deals even in times of crisis. Basically what this means is that although we are going through hard times due to the worldwide pandemic the majority of the public is choosing to buy higher priced products in exchange for quality rather than untrustworthy products with lower price. To prove this there are two products which are being bought in this way masks, and sanitizers.

With people buying sanitizers that gave itches or other skin diseases, they became careful about the quality. They began to favor high prices in exchange for high grade masks. These examples might be unusual and distressing but they nevertheless prove that what customers prioritize is acquiring what they need from brands they believe in.

Out of Home Ad spend… downhill?

And this should go without saying. When everyone is inside, why will brands spend on OOH advertising? So that followed Jack and Jill. But to replace that, online platforms were readily available for the public which was absent from Times Square was now on TikTok.


Digital marketing is also comparatively easier for brands considering it takes limited spaces and limited resources. So like you have aspects such video content, content marketing, interactive content, and the ability to personalize the experience which plays an important role in customer retention.

So all these touch points of digital marketing make life easier and much more efficient for the brand.

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