Social media is not an exclusive platform for brands and businesses only. The services sector, too, has started to take advantage of it. Service sectors, such as the education sector, have been creating a strong digital presence for themselves for a very long time now. The medical world is not that well acquainted with the social media world but has slowly jumped onto the bandwagon.

These days, if you open your Instagram account, you will come across numerous hospitals and clinics advertising the services they offer. Even if you use search engines, such as Google, to help locate a doctor near you, you will come across numerous options to choose from. One thing that is not usually seen in hospitals and clinics publicizing and promoting the doctors who work for them. Due to this reason, individual healthcare workers must allow their digital presence to be felt.

Doctors and other healthcare workers are always on the lookout for better work opportunities that not just offer them a higher pay scale, but also offer them greater exposure to their field. Hence, they can switch jobs and move from one healthcare facility to the next. For this reason, healthcare workers must create a separate identity for themselves and not just be associated with their current workplace. If they switch jobs, their patients must be able to locate them and visit them at their next workplace.


Due to tough competition, it may get a bit difficult to stand out from the rest. Creating a strong digital presence is not difficult if the right approach is taken. Being a physician, your digital presence is not just limited to the various social media platforms; you can even make use of search engine marketing to help get better visibility for yourself.

A strong digital presence can be created on the following platforms:

1. Social Networking Platforms
These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

2. Professional Networking Platforms
Such as LinkedIn.

3. Media Sharing
YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

4. Blogging
WordPress is a great platform for publishing blogs.

5. Microblogging
Twitter is a great platform for this.

6. Search Engines
Better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices to help get better visibility in search results.


Creating better visibility for yourself is possible if you implement the following:

1. Create your website
Since you have to create a separate identity for yourself, you must have an updated website for yourself. It must have details about your qualifications, work experience, testimonials from patients, and your updated contact details.

2. Start your blog
Having a blog attached to your website will help to drive more traffic to your website since you can add more keywords for better visibility on search engine results. It also allows you to engage with more people as you can write about various topics related to the medical field.

3. Social media platforms
Make use of the various social media accounts to showcase your work to your potential patients. Share before and after pictures (with the patient’s consent) and reviews to help gain the trust of your potential patients. Whether you are from the field of dentistry or dermatology, you can highly benefit from your social media presence.

4. The right content to post
Posting regular, interesting, and engaging content for your social media pages is the key. You can talk about the latest technologies in the medical field, new medicines and products, and various medical procedures. Posting videos, posts, images, stories, and going live are some of the options available on social media platforms to engage with your potential patients. This type of content helps to create awareness amongst patients and will help you to gain numerous followers. You can even bag big contracts with various pharmaceutical companies to market their products.

5. SEO practices
Having an updated Google My Business page will allow potential patients to come across your page if you happen to be in the same locality. This SEO relies on the location of the potential patient to help locate the most relevant and nearest healthcare worker to them.


With a strong digital presence, it is easier to engage and attract more potential patients, get better visibility, better job opportunities, and it is a lot easier to switch jobs without the fear of losing your old patients. However, creating a strong digital presence might be a bit difficult for healthcare workers. While you concentrate on working in the medical field, a team of professional marketers, such as DigAptics, can look after your digital presence. They will help you create a strong digital presence for you as a healthcare worker. Contact them today to discuss things further.



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