The Target Corporation is one of the largest American retail corporations since 1902. They started with the Target store in 1962, and since then, they have expanded as a discount store and the hypermarket. In 2002, Target started as an ecommerce platform that has benefited sellers and buyers equally, especially during the time of COVID-19. Target Plus is an online marketplace that is specifically used by third-party sellers. Target has numerous storefronts nationwide and an online store too, which makes the customers coming back for more.


Target Plus is an exclusive marketplace that is open for invited sellers only. This helps to bring sellers the exclusivity of selling on Target’s ecommerce platform, and buyers get to choose from a smaller selection of brands and sellers, without compromising on the quality. Target Plus is also a good option for sellers as they have fewer brands and sellers to compete against.

Selling on Target Plus does not have any application process, instead, you have to be patient and wait for Target to approach you. However, certain tips can help you boost your chances:

Work on your presence on other ecommerce platforms

Since Target invites those businesses and sellers who are already well-established, you must work on your online stores on other ecommerce platforms. Ecommerce platforms are not just about selling products; they are about building a trustworthy relationship with your buyers too. Therefore, you must not disregard the experience of your customers with your store. This includes marketing, shipping, loyalty programs, easy returns, reviews, etc. If your overall rating is positive, your chances of being invited to Target Plus will be high.

Selling products according to Target Plus’s requirement

Although there is no checklist provided by Target, by the looks of it, Target usually prefers those sellers who are aligned with their core values. Thus, sellers who sell high-quality products, at a lower rate, for a specific niche and hobby, are more likely to sell on Target Plus.

Optimized shipping

You must ship your products within 24 hours of receiving the order. This ensures that the customer receives their order within 5 days of placing their order.

Brand exposure

Marketing and publicizing your brand on social media platforms, using search engine optimization techniques, and selling on other well-known ecommerce platforms will most likely allow your brand to achieve better visibility. Target Plus tends to opt for those brands and sellers who are already well known on other platforms.


Target has been one of the most well-established retailers and has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Thus, the competition on Target is tough and the visibility of brands does get affected. However, with the right approach, you can overcome this dilemma and grow your business exponentially.

DigAptics is a digital agency that helps you achieve the new heights you have in mind. The team of professionals, at DigAptics, are well trained to help you launch your store on Target Plus, the ecommerce platform for third-party sellers. DigAptics can help you optimize your product listings along with better keywords, to help you achieve a higher ROI (Return On Investment).


Setting a store and making your presence felt on Target Plus can be achieved easily. You must manage your store well as Target has certain expectations from their sellers that must be met. Your safest bet would be to hire professionals who can help you to manage your store on Target Plus, such as DigAptics. Contact them today to get an estimate for your store.


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