ISeeApp (Mobile App)


I See App is an interactive camera application available on the Play Store.
It gives you the freedom to use your smartphone while you walk, without any fear of accidents. A great many cases of accidents have been seen in the US of people using their smartphones and smart devices while they walk.

Team DigAptics has created the following core application features.

  • Customized width and height of the on-screen camera.
  • Recording and taking pictures with just one click.
  • Allowing users to move about freely without moving their line of sight off their phone.

The Problem

The client wanted to deliver an app that can solve the problem of mobile users to avoid any mishaps while using their phone whilst moving about their hectic schedules.

The Solution

The engineers in our team spent several days brainstorming the solution to the problem and how to resolve it in the simplest and most user-friendly way.
Our collaborative approach leads us to an innovative idea, where we identified that every smartphone has a camera. Why not use that as a third eye for a user so that they can seamlessly use their devices whilst they are on their way. A small on-screen window will show what is ahead of them as they go about using their phone, helping them avoid anything in their way.

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Client Reviews

DigAptics did everything they said they would and did it on time! The whole process was very easy

CTOOrbitus connect

DigAptics has been a great partner to us. Its world class talent, sound knowledge of our industry and robust project management has all been valuable assets to our growth. We see this relationship grow in years to come

CEOOrbitus Solutions

We couldn’t be more pleased with DigAptics as an outsourced technical resource for our intranet platform”


5 stars is earned and trust is built over time. Over 3 years period, the leaders at DigAptics have worked with us in various capacity, personally and as a company to help us grow and create products. We are very grateful.