Business without a mobile presence are considered stone age era

Cross Platform APP Development

There are thousands of mobile app designers and development companies out there. We understand when our customers comes from fatigue of decision paralysis after being exposed to such a variety of options. What a small and medium company needs is a partner that delivers a custom Mobile App that can out rank competition on App stores, has high downloads, tweet, like rates, ad be made with future vision in mind with a provision to grow as the company grows. And of course does not break the bank. Well, that’s exactly what DigAptics specializes in.

Business without a mobile presence are considered stone age era. That’s where DigAptics comes in. We innovate, revitalize and modernize businesses. We equip companies with tools so that they can be successful in this highly competitive digital era where smart phones are a dominating force. We are well versed in UI software Flutter to develop Mobile applications

DigAptics 8 Steps of a Internal Mobile Application Development Process

Listen & Understand

-Goals and Functionality

Planning Concept and Roadmap

-Technology usage


-SEO Optimized


-Quality Testing
-Heat Maps
-A/B testing if requested

Research & Competitor Analysis

Application Design & Prototyping

-WireFrames (Static than Dynamic)
-Visual Appeal factor
-User Experience and Design Testing


-Languages used
-Database Integration
-Ecommerce if needed
-Secure (HTTPS)
-Prince 2 Agile Methodology for timely Deliverables
-Quality Control

Pre-App Store scoring

+/- Manage

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How Do We Stand out

DigAptics is not just a mobile app development company rather we are business transformers and we treat companies who we deal with as our partners and not clients only because your success is tied to our continued success. The best business is from word of mouth and if we don’t deliver good products and manage your projects like we would for our own in house project, than not only are you not satisfied but also we no longer will enjoy what we do. We do what we do because we love it, the challenges, the “ahhh” after every puzzle solved, the smile on our partners face when they see the final project or reap the fruit of our combined effort.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are an Omni channel platform for everything business from business development to business operations to business marketing. All of the elements that are essential for a healthy and successful business are handled by our experts in their respective departments. When you hire DigAptics, you hire a whole team of individuals, each from our various departments who huddle and discuss projects and manage them throughout the life cycle of the project so that the delivery is based on your vision, goals, specifications but also is primed with innovation, market research, evidence based decisions and transparency. We believe that satisfaction demands regular updates, reports, open communication, upfront pricing, and no long term contracts.

How It Works

Post Project Requirements

DigAptics Analysts thoroughly review your project requirements and best suited and experienced professionals are selected and team is created for the project

Discuss Details with Analyst

We contact you within 24 hours to discuss project with a Q/A session. We provide input & suggestions after listening and understanding more about project

Choose Terms and Timelines

You Choose services and timelines for your project

Securely Pay Online & We go to work

Make payment through our 100% secure system and our team starts working immediately within 24 hours.

Plan + Pricings

What our Clients Say…

DigAptics did everything they said they would and did it on time! The whole process was very easy

DigAptics has been a great partner to us. Its world class talent, sound knowledge of our industry and robust project management has all been valuable assets to our growth. We see this relationship grow in years to come

CEOOrbitus Solutions

We couldn’t be more pleased with DigAptics as an outsourced technical resource for our intranet platform”


5 stars is earned and trust is built over time. Over 3 years period, the leaders at DigAptics have worked with us in various capacity, personally and as a company to help us grow and create products. We are very grateful.