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How To Use Google Analytics To Improve Your SEO Strategy

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An in-depth knowledge of Google Analytics:
When talking about marketing strategies one commonly mentioned and utilized tool that we have heard of multiple times is Google Analytics. But have you ever wondered what Google Analytics really is? Google Analytics is used to monitor customer behavior on your website. To make it more simple to understand, it is a tool that provides you insights as to how traffic is being generated, the number of people that have scrolled through your website, and the sources through which they explored your practice. In short, this awesome tool gives you complete actual time, background, and insider information about your customer’s needs and desires. 

Google Analytics comprises too many parts therefore this requires you to have a clear state of mind to understand each part.

How to Use Google Analytics to Improve Your SEO Strategy
Following are some tips and tricks to boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) using Google Analytics:

Monitor demographics and pursuits:
There are a lot of questions that are asked of you when you run an ad such as what age group or gender you want to target. The insights provided to us are not enough sometimes and we require detailed information regarding the visitors that land on our page. Getting this detailed information is especially important not only for running effective ads but also to let you create a detailed client profile for advertising too.

You might be wondering how to achieve these demographics. Well, Google Analytics comes to the rescue as the best tool for getting out all the information you want. Yes, you heard it right! Google Analytics assists you by producing demographic and pursuit reports. Go on to the property you’d like to generate a report on, hit the property settings just below the features of advertising click on enable demographics and you’re all good to go. 

Tracking via Google Accelerated Mobile Pages:
We live in the age of the digital era which means our websites should be highly optimized for both handheld and mobile devices. Using Google AMP is an excellent way to monitor user interactions as it presents a robust web experience for websites being run on mobile phones. 

In order to achieve this you’ll require someone who has coding experience to set up your Google Analytics tracking manually. 

Monitor traffic:
Below behavior, you’ll find a section of landing pages. On clicking that you’ll notice that it shows a list of pages that are gaining the most traffic. Taking a deeper look at these pages will give you an idea of what’s in demand or what sort of content people like to watch. 

Tracking code:
Once you sign up and successfully create a Google Analytics account for your business it gives you a unique key known as your tracking code. Regardless of whether your website is made by WordPress or built from scratch using languages, this code can be installed on every page of your website. Wondering how that would benefit you? Well, installing tracking code on each page of your website allows you to gain information about each and every user that browses through your website. The same method is used by Google Analytics in order to collect information regarding your website. 

Once you’ve successfully accomplished your task of installing tracking code on every page of the website, you can take your SEO game one step further by specifying goals on your Google Analytics account. Specifying conversion goals enables you to set targets for the volume of website traffic compared to those interested in actually buying something. 

To achieve this head over to admin, click on goals followed by new goals. Keep in mind that conversion goals do not only give us an insight into the traffic landing on the page rather they show complete activity such as adding a product to the cart etc. 

Monitor bounce rates:
Surveys and research show us that people barely have the patience to wait for even a minute at a slow-loading website or at a place where they can’t seem to find the products they’re looking for. Apart from this, they tend to leave the website with the intention of not returning and go for better alternatives providing them with the same information. This factor of users leaving the websites when they can’t find the product they’re looking for is known as the bounce rate. You cannot completely end the amount of visitors that leave the website increasing the bounce rate but you can absolutely work to decrease or minimize your bounce rate.  In addition to this, your bounce rate is expected to tremendously decrease up to ninety percent when your website takes five seconds to load. To find bounce rates head over to the overview under the audience section. 

Boost SEO for the pages that convert the best
With the use of Google Analytics SEO tools, you may learn a great deal about how users find your sites. Examining and further optimizing your highest-converting pages is one technique to enhance SEO. Adding extra keywords and CTA (call to action) cues may also be necessary to persuade them to complete the purchase. Using knowledgeable outside contractors such as Accelerate Agency can serve as a terrific method to enhance a lot of your material rapidly.

Using your SEO dashboard, you may identify the pages that convert the most. From here, you may examine them and find relevant keywords that you may not have yet explored by using Google’s Keyword Planner tool. You may improve the likelihood that people will find your website when they search for popular keywords by making sure you’re using all of them.


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